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JNav89GT 10th December, 2002 03:33 PM

?@Radeon 9700 and 8RDA+
my 8RDA+ was stable at 200mhz fsb running DC with 2x512mb Corsair PC3200C2 with GF4 TI4400. Reinstalled WinXP and put in Radeon 9700 which was 100% stable in my IT7Max/P41.8A@3.06 rig. Now I get random locking in 3DMark2001SE looping. May happen in 3 minutes may take 20 hours. Any thoughts. My bios is setup in expert, 10x5x200=2100mhz watercooled. Temps of 38C load. Prime95 is stable for 24hours+. System bios + video bios cacheable disabled, fastwrites disabled. Tried diff agp voltages no help. Fixed AGP at 66mhz. Using first beta "C" bios.

Zeon 10th December, 2002 08:23 PM

sounds to me it could be PSU-Radeon needs alot of juice whereas 4200 doesnt(hence power connector direct to psu).

Think we are goona get similar issues with nv30-iam trying a new psu myself soon as i cant get past 195fsb stable.

JNav89GT 10th December, 2002 08:43 PM

I doubt it's the powersupply but I will clock the cpu down a bit to see. If the radeon is still funky at that speed I guess I will just sub the GF4 back in and put the Rad 9700 back in the P4 rig. Interestingly though my AXP 1800+ tbred @2.1ghz airccoled was only off about 500pts in 3DMark from my 3.06ghz P4(1.8A@170mhz fsb ram 3:4 IT7max). I am really liking the headroom the NF2 can provide but it's a learning curve for me as I was very used to via chipsets.

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