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Mr Bond 23rd January, 2003 10:06 AM

No front left or right sound with 5.1 sound
I've just got my Logitech z-640 (5.1 surround analogue input) speakers. I've got an 8rda+ so I pulled out both those yellow jumpers from the aud section and I've plugged everything in and set up everything. I'm running winxp/sp1 with 2.00 nforce drivers. Problem is, I don't get any sound out of the front right channel or front left (though all the others work) -- when I run the test I hear all the sounds in the right positions excluding those front two channels. Not even static is coming from the front two speakers.

Any suggestions...what haven't I got plugged in right or set up wrong?

currently this is how it's plugged in at the back (which I assume is not the problem):

from z-640 plug -> 8rda+ sound input


Mr Bond 23rd January, 2003 10:36 AM

In a fit of reason I decided to replace the jumpers and YES IT WORKS.

Why can't I understand manuals. Bye.

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