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mastah 10th February, 2003 09:21 PM

Need some settings :)
Hello, I need the best speed settings for my 8rda+

latest bios ??
latest nforce2 drivers ??
best memory performance (dual channel ddr 3200)
best fsb and multipler for cpu (2400+)

write all you have to share :)
I need the fastest system for the hardware I have, thx alot everybody.

I have an GeForce4 Ti4200 128mb

/over and out

Bring the Noise 10th February, 2003 10:11 PM

1. Is the 2400+ unlocked?
2. How high have you had the 2400+ (true speed)
3. What kind of cooling are you using for the CPU (air cooled, water, phase change {aka Vapo or Prometeia})
4. What kind of Memory (different PC3200 can take different latency settings)
5. Will the motherboard be modded?

Those are questions you will need to answer before you go any further.

I had a 2400+ that would go as high at 2.3Ghz air cooled and would hit 2.5Ghz with a Vapo Premium.
I have 2 512MB sticks of Corsair XMS3500 C2 r1.1. I haven't had them past 195Mhz but at that speed I was at 5,2,2,2,1t timings.
I have not mod'd my 8RDA+ or changed out the stock cooling for the Northbridge (which is something I am conteplating).

What kind of power supply are you going to use to feed this thing.
I have an Antec 480watt True Power PSU (and its wasn't stable when handling 2 HD's, 2 CD drives (one DVD-Rom and the other a CDRW), 1 Radeon 9700 Pro, the 8RDA+, the 2400+ up'd to 1.85v, the Corsair up'd to 2.77v, and the Vapo Premium. 12v was a little to low and varied with that setup. With the Vapo replaced with a Prometeia I'm hoping it will be stable without having to tweak the PSU.

How much air flow are you going to have in your case. To much is never enough when you are overclocking. A case with 2 120mm's intake and 2 120mm's exhaust would be a nice choice (Lite-On FS20 comes to mind). With 54 cfm fans you would still be under 30db for case fan noise (Vantec's Stealth 120mm should be well under 30DB per fan and give you 108cfm intake and 108cfm exhaust for your case). The Vantec's are on the mild side. With Nidec's 130 CFM 125MM fans being on the wild side (at around 45 to 50DB each).

Using 80 or 92mm fans for intake and exhaust is okay as well. You just have to remember that to push a decent amount of air threw your system you will either need more fans or faster/louder fans.

Lian-Li or Kingwin case's are a good choice as well (if you can aford them).

For the basics you listed above I would suggest the following.

Good PC3200 (Corsair, something along that line of quality)
Add a fan to the Northbridge Heatsink
Unlock the 2400+ (their are many a pages on the Net about how to unlock the T'bred's that have a 13 or higher multiplier)
Shoot for a bus speed of around 180 to 200 (for day to day use without problems over an extended period of time).
Find the max speed for you system (motherboard and memory), then work on the max speed for your cpu. Don't try to do both at once.

bla bla bla... back to work

mastah 11th February, 2003 09:02 AM

ok here it is
I have 1 120mm for my gf4,
1 120mm(about 100cfm) in the buttom to cool down the system
Alpha PAL80xx Heatsink (80mm with Delta 80mm 80cfm on)
My thunderbird 1333mhz was 20 degrees in idle and 30 in full load.

I have 360W JMC power supply
2 sticks of Samsung Orginal PC3200

thx for help dude.

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