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EPoX Tech 26th November, 2001 08:35 AM

A BETA BIOS (26/11/01) for 8K7A has been uploaded onto the AOA Files server, I'm not sure where it is, but I assure you it is there !!!

The BIOS has been made with name string initialization for Athlon XP2000+ upon release. This may be of use if you are overclocking and require correct name string recognition for XP2000+.

The BIOS is supplied in the BETA state with no guarantee or pre-claims rendered; i.e. you may try it at your own risk with no feedback.

If someone knows where this has been uploaded to on the FTP server, please do post a link.

Pinky 27th November, 2001 01:08 AM

Thanks, we added it. Feel free to add more, we can store plenty of bios files, they aren't exactly space consuming ;).

Superman 27th November, 2001 01:18 AM

It's in the Mobo section under Epox BIOS/8K7A BIOS. Unfortunantly, because of warez and viri concerns, all uploaded files must first be quarantined a special non-accessible directory. We try to put them in the loop ASAP. BTW, file descriptions can have spaces, just not the file name ;)

rocky500 1st December, 2001 06:50 AM

Can we use this bios on the 8K7A+ with Raid M/B?

rocky500 3rd December, 2001 04:51 AM

You can get a bois with a new raid bios

BIOS version: 8k7a1a17.exe
Release notes: 8k7a1a17.txt
Onboard RAID BIOS version: HPT370 2.0.1019
Compile date: 10/17/2001
Modifications: [Burst Refresh][EPA Show][HPT370]
Modded version:

NWEng 3rd December, 2001 07:56 PM

It comes with RAID BIOS 2.0.0907.


fireball_87 3rd December, 2001 11:47 PM

is it out yet ? :cool:

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