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JackpotMonkey 4th March, 2003 05:31 AM

please help!! 8RDA+ problems
I just got my epox 8RDA+ board today along with my athlon xp 2400+ and 2 sticks of 256mb Corsair XMS pc 3200 Low Latency ram, after assembling the system I was at a non boot situation, i happened to have a stick of pc2100 ram laying around and tried the bios update (1-29-03) and i was able to boot with my corsair memory. but now when trying to install windows the system powers down right as it gets to setup is starting windows 2000 (pre install screen) and the pc speakr is giving of a very feint 2 tone beep, i have to unplug the system and plug it back in to get it up and running again, it has stoped at the same place each time i have tried. please help!

thankyou in advance!

JackpotMonkey 4th March, 2003 07:27 AM

Addtional System Info
I am running a SLK 800 Heatsink (using artic silver 3 thermal compound) a vantek volcano fan for the heatsink, enermax 431 w powersupply, ati radeon 9700pro vcard, wd 120gb special edition hard drive. trying to install windows 2000 professional edition. my temp hits about 39c in the bios pc health moniter, thats at 133mhz stock speeds.

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