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Brad 4th December, 2001 12:31 AM

just a couple of questions:

I know it will have 1/5, will it have 1/6?
what raid controller?
6 pci, or 5pci?
what about 64bit/66mhz pci?
Vcore range is?
Vdimm range is?
Vio range is?
ATA-133 on raid and normal ide controller?
power header next to the mosfets?
how much room around the socket?
3 or 4 ram slots?

or any other things you can tell us...

thanks for any of this

Paul.K 4th December, 2001 01:11 AM

I know this:

It will have adjustable Vagp for video card overclocking. It wont have adjustable Vio, but will have adjustable VDimm and Vcore.


EPoX Tech 7th December, 2001 09:38 AM

1. There won't be any 64bit/66MHz PCI slots as KT266 cannot support them.

2. There will be no 1/5 PCI divider as KT266 cannot support it

3. It will have the HPT372 RAID controller

4. There will be 4 dimm slots

5. VccCore, VAGP and VDimm range TBC, but with overclockers in mind

6. 6 PCI Slots

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