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Mshake 4th April, 2003 03:10 AM

Upgrading bios of HIghpoint Raid Controller 8k9a2+?
hi ,

just need to know how do i actually upgrade my hpt372 controller bios??... it always says it's best to match the driver and the bios for the controller....but i don't find any way to flash the onboard raid HPT372 bios chip??...

any settings from the controller?... even if i press cntrl-H for highpoint utility during bootup, ... it's simply a place to configure raid options and no option to flash the bios itself??..
please help

i have having extreme crc errors and corruption.....transfers between normal ide devices to those connected to the HPT ports ..:(

shadowdr 4th April, 2003 03:38 AM

The highpiont bios should be imbedded in the mobo bios.The HP bios version shold match the installed drivers.
View the readme that came with the present bios and check to be sure that the drivers match the current version.I can tell you that raid-0 does not like overclocking nor do the hard drives on the array(fsb oc'ing).
All though I am not fimiliar with your mobo,I do know that when i had a kt7a raid(still do)that it ran much better without the via drivers.I found that M.S. drivers were more stable and performed just as well as the via's as they all seemed to have latency issues running ide and highpoint.

Mshake 4th April, 2003 04:01 AM

i previously overclocked a 8kha and 8kha+ no problems,
with my board at moment 8k9a2+, i don't even dare to touch into overclocking anytime... have tried using winxp drivers and via, both also exhibits same problems... bound to be some crc erros somewhere after file transfers... from main ide to raid ports..

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