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geekbyte 10th April, 2003 02:01 PM

weird problem
Hey .. it looks like im posting a lot of stuff .. but i just got this board and learning all the new stuff on it.

I have the 8RDA+

a couple things

1) i cant use any mulitp below 9.5 if i do then it will restart at 11x100, my settings are at 205x10 and stable.

2) Im playing around with my OC .. i upped my voltages to 1.8 on the Vcore, and pushed my 2500 barton to 2200mhz 200x11. It seems to work fine .. runs 3dmarks 2003 3 times in a row and working, but prime95 always fails. even at 200x10.

i have put it into battle with UT2003 and Generals, hours of play and nothing .. but prime95 always fails after 1 min .. most i got it to go was 4mins.


mixx666 10th April, 2003 02:47 PM

This might help

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