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Mr Swede 5th December, 2001 07:15 PM

Print BIOS settings?
Is it possible to have the BIOS settings printed or stored in a text file?
Anyone know of a program which can do this?

Daniel ~ 6th December, 2001 01:21 AM

I haven't come across one. Would be VERY useful, but I can't see how it could done.

Super 6th December, 2001 04:37 AM

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I dunno if this will help you, but it saves your cmos settings to a file, then restores them when you need to. (READ the readme before using.) :)

edit: the program is 33k

Mr Swede 6th December, 2001 09:53 AM

Thank's Super.
I tested the program, but what it does is saving the contens of cmos to some sort of binary file.
What I'm looking for is a program to read the BIOS and save it as an ASCII file.

Maybe something for a coder to look at?

spirits247 7th December, 2001 12:06 AM

I think that's why all the review sites take photos of the bios settings!

Digital camera anyone :)

rocky500 7th December, 2001 08:04 PM

Mabey you could print it then OCR it with a scanner.

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