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Lem6687 14th September, 2003 04:20 AM

8rda+ Freeze problems
Ive had my 8rda+ for about two weeks now and its been freezing alot and annoying when it goes to screen saver it freezes....or sometimes it just freezes at windows...then on start up when it says your cpu speed and your memory speed and detects your hd's and cd rom drives it freezes...and sometimes right when i get to windows it reboots

running a 2400+, Radeon 9000 pro 64mb, 256 ddr pc3200 Samsung ram....

Any clues anyone?

Uncle Bob 14th September, 2003 06:06 AM

Are you overclocking?
What are your settings?
What kind of PSU do you have?

Lem6687 14th September, 2003 02:59 PM

its usually been happening with overclocking attemps....but sometimes on stock settings....

its on default settings

a PowerTek 500w PSU :D

timbob2469 14th September, 2003 10:40 PM

What OS are you running ?

Lem6687 15th September, 2003 01:47 AM

WinXP Pro

timbob2469 15th September, 2003 04:31 AM

You might want to try and bump up your cpu voltage to 1.675v or 1.700v. What kind of reading are you getting for your chipset voltage? Out of the box I was only seeing 1.58v. It shows up as AUX voltage in SANDRA in the motherboard information module, and in the MBM dashboard as core 0.

Uncle Bob 15th September, 2003 05:09 AM

If you are running everything stock out of the box perhaps that's not the problem. You say it's only a couple weeks old. Is the hard drive a clean and fresh installation of XP? If you tried to install drivers for the 8RDA+ over the drivers from a previous motherboard installation, often there are problems that seem to only be solved by a fresh reformat and new install unfortunately. If this isn't the case, not to fear, we'll get to the bottom of this yet. ;)

Lem6687 16th September, 2003 12:30 PM

I dont beleive its windows...because when trying to format and reinstall windows with the windowsxp pro cd it froze there :confused:

i upped my voltages a bit, to 1.675 on the cpu and 2.77 on the dimm

Lem6687 17th September, 2003 12:42 AM

ok i tried installing norton to see if it found any virus...before u install it says do u want to scan for virus's now, it found 88 and deleted them all....still didnt do anything for me...anyway i go to install norton antivirus and it doesnt i try to unistall in add/remove programs and it says there is another version that needs to be deleted before this one is not trying to install this trying to anyway that doesnt step i try to uninstall windows....get to the secound screen in the winxp install disc were it says press f8 if you agree....always gets stuck real frustrated right now :mad:

Daniel ~ 17th September, 2003 02:54 AM

People have reported trouble trying to run Bartons at stock voltages with a 8rda+, by no means everyone, but enough to make it worthwhile trying to boot with a voltage of say, 1.80 or 1.85 just to see what's what.

alabam 17th September, 2003 03:30 AM

The PowerTec supply is a little on the junky side, probably more like a 300w max voltage when you do the math.....

Check your +12 volt line.....maybe you can up the cpu voltage to 1.75-1.80v and stop it from freezing.....

rmfought 18th September, 2003 07:17 PM

I would use a write-protected boot disk, re-partition and re-format the hard drive, re-flash latest bios, then reinstall WinXP. 88 viruses found does not sound good at all, I would start off from scratch.

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