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Clevor 12th January, 2004 01:44 AM

I'd like to applaud Epox on their BIOS updates. I think the move from the previous 4PDA2+ BIOS to the latest December BIOS is one of the greatest incremental improvements I've seen from any manufacturer. The previous BIOS allowed the aggressive memory timings to allow Expert (Enable-Enable-Disable). This boosted unbuffered bandwidth significantly. The latest BIOS enables full PAT at these settings at 1:1, which got me well over 3700+ unbuffered (at a slight decrease in stability). I cannot touch these scores with the 4PCA3+, so for 1:1, the 4PDA2+, Rev. 2.0 is the board of choice.

The 4PCA3+ though, will run full PAT at 5:4 and 3:2. The incorporation of the same aggressive memory tweaks to this board in the latest 4PCA3+ BIOS has also boosted unbuffered to the 3600+ area. These are the highest unbuffered bandwidth I have been able to achieve with any board from any manufacturer. Of course, you need good memory, preferably double-sided, and the 512 MB XMS3500 I've used have performed superbly.

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