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|Oc|REvO_HsARC 24th January, 2004 11:45 PM

8rda3+ Awsome quality control... but at the end, good mobo!

Beautiful, isn't it ?...
lets imagine a week, lets say, a monday... i used the board with Volcano12 from monday to thursday, on friday the board went to a friend of mine and he only uses Watercooling (socket holes), the next thursday i receive the board again, and i inserted the V12 like many many other times on many many boards... but, this time, the cooler was a bit loose.... and a big FF when trying to boot... obviously the cpu pins where not touching the socket correctly... nice! first time on a life time that happens to me...

the board returned to that friend of mine, and with glue on the entire base of the broken part, the board worked again...

conclusion, way to go Epox QC! use more GLUE on the next mobo! :D


golfer49 25th January, 2004 02:44 PM

Maybe not more, but a much better glue................

Veky 25th January, 2004 10:55 PM

It happened to me once, the CPU was halfway and inserted wrong. My bad.

I was busting my head trying to figure it out what the hell is wrong. Self note: look onto CPU first. :D

Luckily none of the pins broke/bent eventhough half a kg of SLK 800A was pressurizing it.. :thumbsup:

EPoX Tech 26th January, 2004 09:23 AM

That damage isn't unfortunatley the fault of the socket or the mainboard and certainly not glue - it's a mechanical assembly - not a crafted part. This isn't mechanical failure on part of the ZIF.

Is the Volcano 12 an AMD approved cooling solution ? Are the clip down force (Nm) and cooler weight (g) within AMD specification ?

chrisbard 26th January, 2004 11:30 AM

Very well said Epox and good 4 U |Oc|REvO_HsARC

Chris :thumbsup:

Aedan 26th January, 2004 01:04 PM

As ET alluded to, the socket's not glued to the board, but held in place by the pins that are soldered through the board. Glueing it to the board runs the risk that should something like that occur, the tracks on the PCB get ripped off.

Lazgoat 26th January, 2004 04:18 PM

Out of interest ET, what would you do if that turns up on your desk as an RMA? "...I was just installing my HSF and this happened..."


EPoX Tech 26th January, 2004 04:56 PM

That is an OOW return, my staff would probably assess it and then show it to me (I have a degree in Polymer Science - they're forever asking me mechanics questions and plastics questions) and ask my opinion - based upon that I'd make a decision in the particular case. It would be sbject to overall PCB condition etc - screwdriver marking et al.

With the example shown I'd need to assess whether the break was ductile, semi, quasi or catastrophic brittle failure - that way you begin to be able to know in what manner the breakage happened.

You see a lot of the time many many things that are really bad - people get thermal compound everywhere except on the die of the cpu, always very obvious signs of backwards HSF fitting etc. You guys aren't privvy to the horror show that exists in a lot of returns - but a lot of physical damage exists - some people perhaps tend to forget that they are dealing with elecontronic componentry and don't treat boards as gently as they should be.

|Oc|REvO_HsARC 27th January, 2004 01:46 AM

Is the Volcano 12 an AMD approved cooling solution ? Are the clip down force (Nm) and cooler weight (g) within AMD specification ?

my computer case is my table, horizontal position, weight is no matter in here... and the clip down force is one of the "lightest" and "soft" and "easy" i've had... but i dont have a way to show you this, so you will have to believe my word on this if you want too :)

that socket broke so easily, that i didn't even notice it... but i did notice that the heatsink wasn't rock stable...

it was unlucky, i was only using air cooling with this board, because the Waterchiller is without anti-freezing liquid, but the board was only 1 week old when it broke...

well, i had all epox board since 8kha+ to this latest one, and i hope this was just an isolated case... i dont like when my mobo's die with factory problems instead of Vmods or something else lol

thanks, cya

Aedan 27th January, 2004 11:24 AM

It's also possible that your friend had already weakened the socket with their watercooling setup, and you just happen to be the straw that broke the camel's back.

TonyCarr 27th January, 2004 07:51 PM

Very rare for the weight of an air cooler to be brought up , seems most times I've mentioned it in the past , I was booed off the stage so to speak .
It is difficult to find an acceptable high performance air cooling solution that is not copper
and very few copper based units are under the AMD specified weight limit , the list is very slight , I generally use the "dinky" dynatron for customers rigs .
Is ones' board warranty void then when using a heavy copper cooler ? OR H2O ? , that is not on the list either .

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