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spyral 16th January, 2002 01:02 PM

When can we expect an EPoX board based on kt333a chipset? I am just eager to have this board since it has agp 8x and probably a vcore adjustment on Video cards.

dimmreaper 16th January, 2002 03:53 PM

VIA has yet to announce any product called "KT333a" I think maybe you are refering to "KT333", no?

Unfortunately the core voltage supplied to GPU can not be adjusted by the motherboard. Increasing the voltage supplied to the GPU requires whipping out the old soldering iron and setting to work on the graphics card. The Vagp that is adjusted on the motherboard has to do with AGP i/o not the GPU core.

Hope you find this small sample my mad rambling helpful :)

EPoX Tech 16th January, 2002 08:36 PM

You are correct in everything that you point out there Jeff.

KT333 boards are in development as we speak. The 8S7A should make market before that though.

SiS746 boards should offer the same features as KT333 including USB 2, AGP 8.0x and ATA133 etc. Depending on how good SiS745 is, we may also be seeing some 746 mainboards.

Spode 16th January, 2002 11:39 PM

the dedication to (and from) epox here is astounding.

spyral 17th January, 2002 12:32 AM

I see.. I thought it was the KT333a cause of the via KT266a hehe. Thanks for the clarification :) However I am just going to enjoy my 8kha+ until via released this new chipset. I am also looking forward to the sis chipset. :) Just keep making them as overclocking friendly like 8kha+. :)

K6-III 17th January, 2002 01:13 AM

Do you think the 8S7A will be available this month??? If not, I need to get something else, hopefully not VIA based. Maybe, I'll do 8KHA+, but the 8S7A seems to fit the bill perfectly.

Kaiser Soze 17th January, 2002 01:25 AM

Epox Tech, I posted this in another thread, but it seems useful to repeat it here:

I do have some suggestions for the kt333 board, which it may be useful to let you know about, as you may be able to encourage people to look into this, this is actually based on the Iwill board.

Looking at the new Iwill board, first thing is the sound chip looks very tasty indeed!

Next thing - most reviews I have seen see the Iwill posting less in sisoft mem benches, but better 3dmark and other graphics benches. I believe this is through better agp implementation. Is this something you could look into, or is this more of a VIA problem? Either way is there anyway you could encourage a comparable level of agp implementation to the Iwill, so the better mem benches could translate into far superior graphics - that would be awesome!

EPoX Tech 17th January, 2002 01:27 AM

I've just popped a little reply into the other thread.

I gotta sleep real soon - I've gotta learn how to tweak the UNISEM CS3007 VReg in the morning from a pdf file !!!

Kaiser Soze 17th January, 2002 01:31 AM

I just noticed that, thanks Epox Tech, but for the benefit of others I'll post what Epox Tech replied:

"The ALi chipset that the XP333 board is based on is a strange cookie. It will be difficult to evaluate KT333 for real until I can get a GeForce 4 sample to test the AGP 8x functionality at high resolutions. It still does remain that it has a lot of answers to give me.

I think on the whole though that the ALi chipset determined the way the IWill board turned out and whatever the KT333 brings will have to be dealt with as best as possible by the lead BIOS engineers. You can pretty much bet though that our performance should as always be there or thereabouts near the top of the pops."

Kaiser Soze 17th January, 2002 01:34 AM

I was very impressed with this revision of the ali, I have to say, I think it surprised alot of people. And Iwill have built on it and made it a solid overclocking board, but I expect the kt333 as it will be guaranteed to run at 166fsb, to match this in many ways.

But I'm gonna keep ravviting on about that excellent agp performance, 'cos that really impresses me:p

Any chance of seeing a 5.1 sound chip on the kt333 or sis745 board, apparantly its dead sweet!

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