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slackdm 28th April, 2007 02:35 AM

EPoX MF4 Ultra3 - Increasing HTT, no more than 280MHz. Help me!!!
This week my MF4 Ultra3, AMD Athlon64 3600+ Brisbane and DDR2 667 memory modules with Elpida 6E-6 arrives. But I can't run system with more than 280MHz of HTT. I have tried to put in HT 2X, 3X and 4X and HT Width at 16 16 and 8 8. I tried increase processor/memory/chipset voltage too (more than when system was stable with 275MHz of HTT). This is a limitation of motherboard? Why the max HTT is 450MHz if the motherboard can't surpass 280MHz?

Anticipatedly, Thanks.

David Martinz.

MONKEYMAN 28th April, 2007 08:04 AM

Have you set a memory divider?

Also my board goes upto 450 HTT, my CPU can do about 270 tops.

slackdm 28th April, 2007 01:49 PM

Yes, I set the memory divider at DDR2 400.

MONKEYMAN 28th April, 2007 03:41 PM

To be fair though i think the motherboard is capable of more than the 280 you can reach, however I would think your CPU is probably topping out.

slackdm 28th April, 2007 07:44 PM

But the processor? My procesor is one Brisbane with 65nm SOI (newest tehcnology)... if it can't capable, which one can???


slackdm 29th April, 2007 02:23 AM

Now my problem is only HTT limitation at 280MHz. ;-(

My memorys Elpida 6E-6 DDR667 are running at DDR800 3-3-3-9.

MONKEYMAN 29th April, 2007 10:41 AM

There are no AMD cpus that will do a 450 HTT, there is no need to go that high, just cus the cpu is new that doesnt mean it will overclock well.

slackdm 29th April, 2007 05:22 PM

OK, I know that AMD CPU can't run with HTT at 450, but I want at least 320MHz. ;-(

MONKEYMAN 29th April, 2007 06:23 PM

I think 3GHz (320x9.5 = 3040MHz) from a 1.9GHz budget part might be pushing it unless you have a very good chip there, only very few reports of that CPU hitting much over 2.8GHz, the 280MHz HTT with the stock multiplier of 9.5 making for the 2660MHz you are currently getting is not exactly a bad overclock for that CPU.
With better cooling and increased volatges you might get a touch higher, however as the memory controller is on-die this means that even if a memory divider is used a high HTT speed can be hard to achieve.

slackdm 7th May, 2007 01:46 AM

I have changed my system to single channel, with only one module. I'm running DDR2 at 513Mhz with 5-5-5-18 2.3V. These Elpida sticks are very good. This frequency/voltage is secure for daily use 24/7?

I will buy many these ram sticks for sold to my friends! :-)


wild_andy_c 23rd May, 2007 04:49 AM

The yield on those 65 nano parts is reportedly not that amazing - what guarantees do you have that it will go 3GHz ?

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