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shadowdr 26th October, 2002 03:48 AM

raid and rounded cables
has anyone had success using rounded cables with raid?if you have what brand and where can i get them?

i am building a computer case and rounded cables would really look nice while keeping airflow at a maximum.thanks in advance for any reply.

SteveI 26th October, 2002 04:38 AM

I use rounded cables for my raid setup.. No problems. I just bought the generic colored cables from newegg. I don't think brand should matter much. The only problems I've ever heard of were with 'homemade' rounded cables.

kowalski 26th October, 2002 05:16 PM

i use akasa silver braid. they're cheap (compared to coolermaster ones and that) and they look fly :cool:. just setting my RAID up now, but they work fine on all my other drives, and i don't see how they would affect RAID any differently...


if you wanna get the best check these ones from coolermaster out. instead of braiding they got foil shielding covered with black mesh which looks wicked. the shielding goes all the way to the connectors, unlike most rounded cables which stop at the end of the rounded section, and there's even a wire to ground the shielding to your chassis for uber-EMI protection. they're expensive, but you won't find better ones.

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