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loop 29th October, 2002 05:12 PM

IBM Stuff
I was given a PC from my dads old work and it was an old IBM box. The PC itself was nothing special but it did have an old IBM mouse, keyboard and monitor. Here is a picture of the mouse. The monitor is now on my mum's PC but I have no idea what to do with the mouse and keyboard.

Staz 30th October, 2002 12:58 AM

Is it a serial mouse or P/S2?

Allan 30th October, 2002 01:04 AM

As its IBM I bet its PS/2. I have the exact same mouse and keyboard somewhere at my parents' house! You can use that keyboard forever, it will never fail! :) We tried using a hammer on one like 5 years back, it could really take some beating!!

The keyboard makes a very special click sound when you press the keys, right?? Oh yeah, the mouse is now coupled with my oldest 486DX notebook.

loop 30th October, 2002 03:25 PM

Yep youre right allan it is PS2, and yes that keyboard looks like it will be the only thing left standing after a nuclear apocalypse. I was going to sell the IBM monitor but I thought I would keep it as its a bit of history, especially the mouse an keyboard, as far as I know they dont make mice anymore do they??

cloasters 31st October, 2002 12:03 AM

Is the monitor old enough to be a 9.5" (Actual diag. measurement) PS/2 Color? I bought one of those(used, oh yeah) to go with the 386 that flopped into my lap. Sheesh, what a dust magnet. All colors were dominated by a delightful pea-soup green. And it was a heavy little thing, too.

The Spyder 31st October, 2002 07:18 AM

i have a completely working IBM PS2 with 9.5inch color monitor and same KB and mouse~ it still works great!!!

loop 31st October, 2002 08:50 AM

Hmm, mine doesnt do the green thing but it does make funny noises when you change resolution

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