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drow_elf 5th February, 2003 06:12 AM

keyboard(s) cutting out?
Two machines that i'm working with for my school's lit mag. keep having their keyboards stop working, only solution is to reboot. lights dont work or anything.

heres the strange part: these to machines are next to each other and some times just one keyboard cuts out but sometimes it happens to both at near the same time. i suspect the motherboard since i have traded out the keyboards to other machines and had them function perfectly.the timing of the failures also seems random...

could it be a virus of some sort? right now they have *no* virus protection (idiot school didnt buy enough licenses) i'm working on installing some freeware AV... i expect to find at least one worm even though they havent been used for a year

Also there is an identical third macine in a different wall socket and power strip that has NO problems. (though they worked in the same setup before, only change has been running ethernet patch cables to them)

JayJay 5th February, 2003 11:22 AM

Have you tried swapping keyboards from other systems???

BTW I could suggest a pretty good free antivirus software for you over here:

drow_elf 5th February, 2003 05:11 PM

havent tried that yet.... and AVG was what i'm planning....

its really fun to type stuff using charmap!

Edit: "havent tried that yet" meaning that i havent plugged a kb from a "working" computer into the "dead" computer but i have attempted the other way around and the kb works perfectly

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