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sneakyc 31st March, 2003 08:44 PM

corsair memory
:confused: Hi there, this is the first time that i have used a forum so here goes.

I built my pc just over 6 months ago the spec is as follows:

Gigabyte GA7-VAXP mob.
Athlon XP +2200 (clocked to a +2400)
512mb corsair xms 3200 cas 2 v1.1 platinum memory
80 gig barracuda hard drive
Coolmaster hac81v heatsink and fan
Radeon 8500 retail graphics
350 w power supply

The point of this is that i last week purchased a new stick of the same memory, both from, and they just won't run side by side, the only difference between the two sticks is that the old one says version 1.1 on it and the new stick says version 2.2, yet when the pc boots up it loads in the desktop and after about 30 seconds i get the blue screen of death.

Overclockers say there is no problems with the memory compatability yet i have tried both sticks in two different pc's and the result is the same, the other mob's were a asus 400 ddr and a solteck drv5v.

Any help on this matter would be appreciated as i would like to get this sorted sooner rather than later, it doesn't help being an amature but i do catch on quick!:thumbsup:

cloasters 1st April, 2003 12:52 AM

Welcome to AOA Forums, sneakyc!

I don't envy your problem. Do the RAM sticks work OK when you drop the overclock down to zero? In other words, if everything is running at the speed that the manufacturer intended, does using both modules earn a BSOD?

How about the mainboard's RAM timing? If you choose "By SPD" is the problem still there?

sneakyc 1st April, 2003 09:33 AM

Thanks for the reply cloasters will give the base settings a go and see what happens, also what does BSOD stand for?

I am still on the learning curve!

Cheers Sneakyc.:thumbsup:

Aedan 1st April, 2003 11:22 AM

BSOD - Blue Screen Of Death :)

If you've overclocking the memory bus, be aware that the more DIMMs you have on it, the less you can overclock it! If you've overclocked the memory as far as you can, and then drop another DIMM in, it could well be that two DIMMs put too much load on the bus for it to continue running at that speed.


Holst 1st April, 2003 11:25 AM

Can you manually setup your memory timings..

One module is probably forcing a SPD setting the other wont tolerate. Setting them manually may fix the problem.

Can you increase the VDIMM ?

SiGmA_X 2nd April, 2003 02:13 PM

Sounds like a Windows Compatibility warning.. Like when you change hardware, and WinXP freaks out on you.. Just a guess, and I didn't have this problem when I upgraded anything (Not RAM, or mobo) until I got my nForce2 mobo.. Then I had hell, had to wipe and reinstall, w/o backing up anything :(

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