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megabyte405 4th April, 2003 09:46 PM

Help ID'ing and driver-ing video capture card!
I've got quite a nice little relic here. I'm video-in lacking, and could sure use the ports on this board. However, I can't find any drivers (or even proof the company existed. Without further ado, here's what I can see on the card:

ISA 16 bit card
An RCA video port labeled OUT
an S-Video port labeled IN1
an RCA video port IN2
Silkscreened on to board: STUDIO MAGIC CORPORATION COPYRIGHT 994 (C) STUDIO MAGIC REV. ____ S/n: 005066
on back of board, the PCB says "P/N REV. A"
Now, for the chips: (Slash indicates newline on chip)
There's a TSENG ET4000AX chip, which I know is a SVGA chip.
There's a XILINX XC3042(TM)-100 chip with these additional codes on it "PC84C A23081A BYH9417"
Under a sticker with the fcc-id "LL7SM101" and the standard FCC rules conditions, there is a XILINX XC3090(TM)-100 with these writings "PQ160C/A21746A/BYH9406"
There are four chips which look to be memory, as they're all identical.
They're labelled "AAA1M304J-05/NPNX 9421 A3"
Two little socketed 8 pin DIP's (I think) labelled with the xilinx logo and the codes (different on the two chips) "1736DPC/428582" and on the other, "1765DPC/424645" (also XILINX).
Two Winbond RAMDAC's WB2C490P-80
A Motorola "MC1378FN" (some video compositor as far as I can google)
Two sets of two chips each, all in a row. One set contains TI "412 5 B 4K/ALS24BB" s and the other has TI "245 4 Q 0K/ALSA 245A" s
an ALTERA "EPM7032LC44-15T"
A couple long grey plastic things, some jumpers, and a few other smaller chips.

If you have any idea where to find a driver for this card, or any ideas or identifications of the chips that could help me find a driver, please post! If you need the info on the other chips, or want a picture of the board, just post and I'll punch them in or take one (out of time now). Thanks!

Aedan 5th April, 2003 03:38 PM

The Xilinx and Altera chips are programmable logic arrays. This means that the card is a custom design, not based around a reference design. You'll need to find the Studio Magic driver for the card. It's quite possible (given the date of the card), that only a Win3.1 or Win95 driver exists for the card.

It's unlikely that a "generic" driver will exist for the card. :(


megabyte405 5th April, 2003 06:33 PM

That makes sense, from what I could google from the chip numbers. What you say also jives with the incredibly low serial number. I'll keep looking, thanks! (If anyone else has ever seen this card or where I could get the dos/win3.1 drivers for it, please do reply!)

stool 7th April, 2003 03:20 AM

If you can find the FCC I.D> on the card, you can probably find its identity from;

You might have some luck driver-wise here;

Aedan 7th April, 2003 09:48 AM


Originally posted by stool
If you can find the FCC I.D> on the card, you can probably find its identity from;

You might have some luck driver-wise here;

Indeed! The FCC database identifies it as a Studio Magic card manufactured by Studio Magic Corp. Alas, this is of little help, when all that detail is already on the card :)


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