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sasrob 5th May, 2004 08:15 PM

!!!hard drives problams!!!(nortons ghost)
right running on a sata 120gig maxtor i have got a faster sata 10,000 rpm
wd 74 gig hard drive right. i have used then norton ghost 7 to copy from the 120gig... now this is were the problam is the 120gig is only showing up as 10 gig now and the wd 74 gig is showing up as 117 gig? how can i get windows to see the right amout?

i hope some out there knows how ghost works becz i think it is something todo with that?

in ghost i got to stage 3 were it asking use to put in the new size but this is were i am getting lost? it's not booting up from the 74gig but if i connets the 120gig everthing is fine but as i said up top all the hd sizes r wrong!!!

i would like a set up as the 74 gig with windows and internet stuff and the 120gig for games

i hope some 1 can help!!!!!
i am not to sure if i can use my old copy of windows xp any more as last time it said that it had been used 6 times and that i had to get a new copy but i phone up the number on screen i got a code and it worked that time
don't know if it will work again

if any 1 can help me i will be externaly grateful :=)

danrok 5th May, 2004 10:43 PM

I don't know about Ghost. But, you shouldn't have trouble activating windows again. You will probably have to call them for another code though.

cadaveca 7th May, 2004 07:15 AM

if you have the windows cd...just re-install.. if you tell them that you had a hard drive fail,or a motherboard...they will just give you a number to type in over the phone(toll free too).
ghost is a deadly program...i have used it countless times to back a a hd to cd before doing major changes..but i've always restored to the same type/size of may have something to do with the mbr needing to be rewritten, but someone may correct me,

sasrob 7th May, 2004 09:28 AM

all done now i had a virus called warms i think it was be becz of the old verson of windows xp i was useing!! it was not ease trying to get it out but it is all done now i disconnted from the internet well i was instilling
then i conneted to the internet and updated ever thing fast took me over 12 hours to get every thing up to gether
i think i will have to buy a new copy of windows xp!!!!!!!but then again i am going to wait for the window xp 64!!!

thxs for all u help!!!!!

RussianMissile1 8th May, 2004 12:54 AM

dont buy a new copy of anything
reformat both drives, and in the initial setup, set the 74gig drive as the one with windows.

or better yet, take out the 120gig drive, reformat the 74gig, and get a fresh copy of win xp running on it, then all you have to do is format the 120gb to remove the windows OS off of it.

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