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Just_tweak_it 19th June, 2005 06:19 AM

Monitor Phosphors??
I use Adobe Photoshop for college, and I'd like to be sure that I've callibrated it correctly with my monitor. One of the things Adobe asks about is the "monitor phosphors" in my monitors. The problem is that I don't know my monitor phosphors. I have three monitors that I would possibly like to configure and they are IBM C50 2235-00N, PB 2024S, and StarLogic 1772ED. Adobe "chooses" the phosphors for me on the StarLogic and IBM, but the PB is considered "custom" for some reason. The monitor manuals say nothing of phosphors. How could I go about finding this information? Is anyone familar with phosphors???

Carl :confused:

Aedan 19th June, 2005 09:43 AM

You can ask the manufacturer, but unless it's a relatively expensive monitor, you might not get very far. Often professionals just use a colorimeter to measure and calibrate the monitor, as this can correct for aging effects. All monitors suffer a certain level of colour shift through their lifetime, and the colorimeter allows that shift to be measured and compensated.

Gizmo 19th June, 2005 06:01 PM

If you take the 'bucket' off the back of the monitor (the plastic housing that attaches to the front bezel of the monitor) you can probably find the label that identifies the CRT tube type. Usually, the label will also tell the phospor type, but if it doesn't, the phosphor type can be determined from the tube identifier.

That being said, Áedán is correct; the color temperature will experience a shift as the monitor ages, and the most dramatic portion of that shift will be during the first 6 months or so of use of the monitor. Therefore, if you are really concerned about having the proper colors, using a colorimeter and doing regular recalibrations would be your best bet. Unfortunately, the cheapest colorimeter I've seen is about $200.

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