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madcatmk3 17th November, 2005 10:53 PM

$300 Pc
I need a good PC specs for 300 can anyof you think of one. This is including XP.
the case is

ajopz 17th November, 2005 11:00 PM

Has the $74.99 for the case got to come out of the $300 as well?

madcatmk3 17th November, 2005 11:00 PM

I'm thinking of this for the mobo

I need cheap ram

ajopz 17th November, 2005 11:04 PM

what will the system be used for? web browsing, games, wp?

madcatmk3 17th November, 2005 11:06 PM

some of both mostly basic gamming only need about 512mb ram

madcatmk3 17th November, 2005 11:12 PM

I found a better deal o tiger direct
I would still use the other case and keep the ultra for future uses.
I have a 5300 FX I would put in.

Exile69 17th November, 2005 11:52 PM

How about a nice 64-Bit socket 754 Sempron, ATI Express 200 Chipset mobo with integrated X300 graphics, an 80 gig SATA HDD, 512Mb of 2.5-4-4-8 G.Skill RAM, and an Antec Solution Series case with an Enermax PSU.

Comes out to about $310 without shipping.

madcatmk3 18th November, 2005 12:03 AM

I'll look into that. But yes the prce of the case must also come out of the $300 $350 max

Staz 18th November, 2005 12:30 AM

Don't even think about that first board if you want to play games. The onboard vieo is not sufficiant. And don't count on tigerdirect rebates to come within 6 to 9 months.

You would be best off looking for used high end socket A stuff. I would imagine that after x-mass there will be a lot of it for sale.

Exile69 18th November, 2005 01:02 AM

I would think socket 754 is about the same as socket A. No one told me the computer would be used for hard core gaming, nothing an X300 couldn't handle. Hell, $300 isn't a lot to spend on a computer, dude. If you can show him something better for the price I'll be in awe. :rolleyes:

Staz 18th November, 2005 01:41 AM

I can't show him something better. Besides I was talking about the link he posted to the SIS based board with onboard SIS Real 256 graphics.

He is asking for a system for $300, and that $300 also has to pay for Windows XP and a case. So far the only thing he has stated that he has is a 5300FX he can put into it.

The system your showing him would be a great low cost system once you add in an optical drive and OS your over $400. All I'm saying is that if you have to get up and running on a budget of $300 then some used high end socket A stuff will get you there. If you are looking for new hardware then you either need to start looking at Dell's ultra cheap systems or come up with a more realistic budget.

madcatmk3 18th November, 2005 03:19 AM

I have an extra 5300 that I'm putting in. and it's not for me it's for one of my frinds I'm not charging anything to build it. I might get a computer from one of my other costomers and canibilize some stuff from that.

Staz 18th November, 2005 04:11 AM

I am still of the mind that for the small amout of cash you are best off with used hardware. If you can coax your friend into $500 then we are talking "Let's try to find the best hardware for the best price we can."

But we are a small site with a small classified section. One of the larger sites classified sections or Ebay may be the best place to shop. Especially now with Christmas comming up there will be adults selling off old stuff for extra money for Xmas and in a month and a half there will be teenagers with new hardware looking to sell thier old stuff.

robbie 18th November, 2005 04:27 AM

Pimp it SON!!! :)

Phat Pat 18th November, 2005 04:28 AM

ehhm, I would avoid skimping on the ram.

Where would I skimp?

The case. I'd rather make one out of a cardboard box if it got me more computing/gaming power.

The hard disk. If it were me, I'd use one I already have. If I had to buy one I would get a decent quality, small capacity drive. You can always add another one later if you need more space.

The optical drives. Look for deals, try and . If your are more patient check out every day.

Exile69 18th November, 2005 12:31 PM

Unfortunately, anything less than 80 gigs for the same quality is about the same price. You are right on the case though, but still, I don't think $400 is too much to ask. I'll look into a high end socket A later, though I still don't think it'll come close to a cheap 754, and he's going to lack PCI-E, which is the easiest upgrade path from integrated.

MONKEYMAN 18th November, 2005 02:19 PM

call packard-bell :p

aghastpumpkin 18th November, 2005 02:51 PM

Alternatively, go to your local school and pick up an old RM Pentium out a wheelie bin.

Seriously, I'd skimp on the case as well.
Get a cheap $25 case off eBuyer. It won't be pretty, it sure as hell won't be nice, but it gives you another $50 odd to play around with for hardware.
Get a second hand 9600 card?

Exile69 18th November, 2005 03:17 PM

I still say go with an integrated solution with the ability to upgrade to PCI-E. It's well worth it and hold out much longer than 32-Bit proc's with AGP. I'm pretty sure an X300 can get away with some light gaming until he feels the need to upgrade to something a little better...

madcatmk3 18th November, 2005 11:00 PM

no I need agp for the 5300. and I promised the person sonce the computer ins't powerful he wants to see a good case.

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