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skool h8r 30th December, 2005 12:14 PM

new mobo and CPU
hi all,
since i didn't save any of the money i got from the last time i got payed, i'm going to save some of my next wage packet to put towards the computer upgrade. But since i'm going to be buying some games and stuff for my DS as well, i'll be able to spend about £200 on the upgrade. So i've decided to just get the mobo and CPU for now, and see what i can afford later. I'm still going for socket 939, AMD64 but i'm going for an AGP board this time. I've found the Gigabyte K8NSC-939 nForce3 250GB and just want to know if anyone's got any ideas on what this board is like. As for the CPU, i'll probably be getting the AMD 64 3000+ venice, retail version, unless i go just over £200 and get a 3500+ retail. with delivery, it's about £213.

I get payed next thursday/friday (either that or the week after) so i need to be making my mind up soon. I'm not getting a graphics card simply because of the price. And same with memory, i've got 512mb which is average for games i play (CoD, Enemy Territory, etc.) plus (i know someones gonna say 'but that's slower' or something along those lines) i've got a lot of pagefile just in case i end up having a really heavy gaming session. But i'm leaving my memory as it is for the moment. I might buy 1Gb later but not at the moment.

So, any advice or comments?

Exile69 30th December, 2005 03:52 PM

Do not spend extra money on the CPU when you can put it into another 512 stick of RAM. The performance you see from the extra RAM will be worth every penny. Nowadays at least 1GB of RAM is required for most new games, and 2GB is good for games such as BF2. I'd try and go PCI-E if I were you, and buy a cheap 6200 or 6600. It'd be well worth the budget stretch. As far as CPU's are concerned a 3000+ can be overclocked to the same as the 3200+ and 3500+ and probably 3800+. I got mine to 2.7Ghz on stock cooling, granted with some voltage, about 1.6v. :evil: Nothing dangerous. Plus if you buy a faster CPU your graphics card is going to cripple it as is the RAM.

Suggested PCI-E board:

Suggest PCI-E graphics card if you do decide to go PCI-E: (You can find something like that in the UK)

Suggested AGP board:

Suggested CPU: AMD Athlon 64 3000+ (You know what it is and can find it in the UK)

Suggested: Buy another 512 stick of RAM!

You could always buy a board like this with integrated 6100 graphics. That might be able to hold you over 'til you can afford a nice PCI-E graphics card.

skool h8r 30th December, 2005 10:13 PM

So a 3000+ it is then. which brand of memory though? i currently have 256mb which i got with my computer, and another 256mb of OCUK home brand. The mobo i have now (syntax sv266a which is the same as another board from a different manufacturer but shares a different name) only has 2 DDR and 2 SDR slots, and having 2 DDR module's already means i've used all available slots up. But am i right in thinking that that EP-9NPA board you posted has 4 DDR slots? or is it 2 DDR and 2 SDR?

And the only reason i changed to AGP mobo is because i currently have the 6200a which is AGP, i realise that the best i could get is a 6800. But are you sure that the EP-9NPA has integrated graphics? And it's PCI-E? All the mobo's i've found either had integrated graphics OR a graphics card connector, not both. Are you sure that's right? got any proof just to make me happy?

Epox has never been an option for me, i've just never seen it as my ideal mobo manufacturer. hmmmm, it's the same price as the gigabyte i was going to get but it's PCI-e and has 10 USB ports.

EDIT: Think i've found some ideal memory, it's corsair value select DDR 1gb for about £50, , i wanted some corsair in my original build, you know, the £600+ one but that was XMS. If i add that then i've got a total of about £240 delivered. That's with the gigabyte board and the 3000+ and the corsair value select 1gb pc3200 2.5.

Exile69 31st December, 2005 12:04 AM

Yes it's 4 DDR slots. So that's apt for 2 sets of dual channel. Ideally you'll want like 2 sticks of RAM running in dual channel, 512Mb per stick or 1Gb per stick. What you want to avoid doing is filling all the slots with double bank RAM. The Corsair Value Select is a very nice option.

EPoX is a very reputible company, plenty of people here own EPoX boards and love them. Although I can't neccicarily confirm, that board is on EPoX's official website, and they have 2 other boards with an nForce4 Ultra chipset and no integrated graphics, so I wouldn't say this one's a typo. There's actually quite a few boards supporting relativly nice integrated graphics and PCI-E. No joke. The nForce4 Ultra is also a much nicer chipset than the nForce3 250. I also prefer EPoX over Gigabyte, the only Gigabyte products I've owned have failed on me.

tiamat63 31st December, 2005 12:20 AM

To be honest, I wouldnt touch an 939 NF AGP board. Why? Whats a high end GPU that your going to be pushing for? Everything is going PCI-E.
I mean, you have your X850 and 6800. However, if your aiming classy, like a 7800GT or X1800XL, paying more for a new board later on down the road just doesnt seem logical. Instant gratification needs to be avoided.

Why not just save, be patient, then go for a mobo/CPU/RAM/GPU upgrade? I mean, it will be more when you place the order, but less over all..depends on the components...but it will be worth it.

skool h8r 31st December, 2005 07:41 PM

Well, i've got a LCD monitor to pay for next thursday when i get payed, that's only £50 from the place i work, because it has the wrong power lead, that's why it's so cheap. plus it's *cough*packardbell*cough*, a CT700C 17" monitor.

Anyway, i think i'll stick with a CPU and mobo for now and if i can afford it, memory. At OCUK, all the Epox boards are out of stock. But, even though i like to show off, i think that a 6800 is going to be enough for my gaming habits. If i want to upgrade again later, it's always going to be an option. So yeah, i think just mobo and CPU for now. Then other things later. So, any other recommendations for AGP mobo's?

Exile69 31st December, 2005 07:44 PM

I disagree. Why buy an AGP board and put in a graphics card that's about equal to the onboard video you could be using on a PCI-Express mobo? Take into consideration what Seperah mentioned, don't just go for instant gratification.

skool h8r 31st December, 2005 07:48 PM

sorry, but i was a bit tired a minute ago, don't know what's happened now. but, are you sure that it has onboard graphics because if it doesn't, that's me £70+ out of pocket because i don't have a PCI-E GPU.

Exile69 31st December, 2005 08:01 PM

*EDIT* Sorry. Here it is. It's micro-ATX though. :(

skool h8r 31st December, 2005 08:14 PM

Ahh, there we go, i see now. 7 is above 4 on numpad so you're forgiven. ;)

I've emailed epox support asking for the product name. I would like that board actually, it looks quite good spec. Something i've noticed, Epox have very similar product names for different boards, take the EP-9NPA+ Ultra , there's also the EP-9NPA Ultra, the EP-9NPA+ Ultra isn't due until january 2006. I was getting a bit confused. When i do get a name/model from Epox, i'll certainly have a look at it, i'm going to go with it if i can afford it. it's got roughly the same graphics as i have now which is ok until i can afford a PCI-E GPU.

EDIT: Ok, i'm looking at it now. It seems about the same as the one you posted before the edit. Except it's Micro ATX. Just for my reference:

skool h8r 1st January, 2006 01:18 PM

Ok, instead of Epox, can anyone give a name of another ideal brand. I think i'm going for CPU, mobo and GPU combo, but the GPU is only going to be a 6200TC which is about £30. The CPU is going to be a 3000+ and ATM, the mobo is set as Asus A8N5X nForce4 PCI-E. The total is about £230 delivered. The only thing i'm getting 'confused' about is whether i should go AGP or PCI-E, just to save a bit of money. I know that it'll benefit me in the long run, going PCI-E but it's just that extra £30 that is making a difference. I suppose i could sell some of the old components from the other PC, but that wouldn't bring much money. Hmmm, i think PCI-E is always going to be the better option. So i'll have to leave more memory for now.

So, any ideas apart from epox in regards to a mobo?

EDIT: I've just remembered, i was told that i'm going to need a new, better PSU. That was for the other upgrade, the £600+ one, does it still apply for this upgrade? or is the PSU i have now (350W coloursIT) suitable? If it's not suitable, then this upgrade is getting to be a bit too expensive.

skool h8r 2nd January, 2006 04:53 PM

Right, sod it, i'm going to have to go over £300 to get something decent so i've got a 3000+ venice 939, a 6200TC PCI-E, Hiper HPU-4K580-MK Type R 580W Modular ATX2.2 PSU and DFI LanParty UT NF4 Ultra-D. Delivered, it's about £330. So i'm going to save what i have from getting payed (except for that LCD monitor that i'm buying) and save a bit from what i get for school for the next few weeks, by which time, i'll have been payed again probably which will give me another £100 approx. (i'm only working 6 hours a week since my christmas contract has finished which at £4.04 (error 404, not found :rolling: ) an hour, gives me about £100 per 4 weekly pay packet). so i'll probably be able to get some better upgrades by then. Probably some XMS ram with it. Then i think i'll leave upgrading for a while, mainly because i have to save some money for my holiday, that's a wage packet full, and then i'll buy some games and accessories for my DS probably.

MONKEYMAN 2nd January, 2006 04:58 PM

save yourself £15 and get the triple fan Hiper 525w(575w peak), got one in mine and it rocks, voltages 100% stable with everything overclocked.

skool h8r 2nd January, 2006 05:17 PM

Do you know, you've just saved me a lot of money and hassle there. By going with ebuyer and that PSU you recomended. I bow down to you. I might be able to add some ram to that for about the same price as without at OCUK.

EDIt: Nope, i'll wait for the memory.

MONKEYMAN 2nd January, 2006 05:20 PM

No problem:thumbsup: Its very quiet and even under a high load the auto fan is only at about 1050rpm (max about 1700rpm)
It is also SLI compatible and has plenty of connectors.

skool h8r 2nd January, 2006 06:03 PM

Cool! i've just found out that the Ultra-D isn't SLI at factory Default and requires a hardware mod to the chipset. I've been reading how to do this but i'm not sure i'd be able to do something like that, i know it's easy but i'd probably mess it up. Plus it says something about CircuitWriter which i'm not even sure what that is since it appears to be a US brand or product. sO it doesn't look like SLi mobo for a while.

tiamat63 2nd January, 2006 06:35 PM

Ultra-D not SLI supporting? Hmm..., it supports 2 16x PCI-E channels...and DXG (Dual express graphics)

Whatever, anyway. Try this...

PSU: Thats fine...
Dont bother going SLI, IMHO, since your not huge would be a pointless waste of cash. BTW: Its an easy pencil mod, I would do it, but I dont use my extra not really any kind of justified mod..although cool.

Save your money spent on the second card and put it towards next gen. Also thats why I picked out the 1 16x PCI-E channel.
Actually, roll that save few bucks into a 6600 instead of that 6200 your getting.

The big thing, is this leaves an upgrade path for you. As going AGP would have yielded the purchasing of another board, then PCI-E GPU...good stuff like that

skool h8r 2nd January, 2006 07:20 PM

The only reason i'm getting 6200 FOR NOW is simply compatability, so i can use the new upgrade. I'll upgrade to a better card in a few months since i'm already running 6200A in AGP ATM, i'll wait, save up and get something like a 7 series card in a few months, rather than going from a 6600 to 7 series or 6200 to 6600 to 7 series or 6200 straight to 7 series, save myself about £40. Plus i'll be selling that 6200TC when i go to 7 series card so i'll get about £20 ROI (return on investment, not republic of ireland :D )

aghastpumpkin 2nd January, 2006 07:50 PM


Originally Posted by Seperah
Ultra-D not SLI supporting? Hmm..., it supports 2 16x PCI-E channels...and DXG (Dual express graphics)

Whatever, anyway. Try this...

He lives in the UK.:thumbsup:

skool h8r 2nd January, 2006 07:53 PM

Yes, i do live in the UK, plus, i like the DFI i've got there. But like you said, i'm not a heavy gamer so SLI won't be needed for a long time.

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