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Strongwolf 4th September, 2006 03:37 AM

Is there any software that I can use to test a PSU?

dsio 4th September, 2006 04:37 AM


Originally Posted by Strongwolf
Is there any software that I can use to test a PSU?

No, there isn't really.

The only way to get any sort of information about a PSU with any degree of accuracy is to probe individual rails with a properly calibrated multimeter.

And it should be noted, that in order to get reasonably accurate results, you need to have that PSU under the maximum load you ever have on it. Rubbish PSUs will happily behave themselves off load, and fall apart when the current starts flowing heavily.

There are some common sense things in this though. If you want to once-over a PSU, check that all fans are spinning, and unobstructed. Check that the internals are not caked with dust and crud, and most of all, use your nose. If a PSU is bad, you can usually smell it well before it goes bad.

You'll know the smell I mean when it hits your nostrils. It smells like impending expensiveness.

Humming, hissing, crackling, are all indicators as well. As are sparks. You can tell a great deal with your senses that a multimeter or software can never tell you.

Strongwolf 4th September, 2006 01:23 PM

Thanks Dsio.
I get an error message that state that the PCIX were not getting the power they need (it was an nVidia error message not windows). That gives me the excuse to buy another PSU becuse the one that I have, feed the power to the VC from a single cable. So I take off my AeroCool 550 Sli and get an Akasa 550. It crashed on the first 3DM06 test (pass second attemp) and is kind of noisy. Is this normal in this kind of psu? Also take off the Zalman 9500 and put back the original heatsink from AMD. I'm starting to belive that I screw things up.
BTW is that you in the avatar? Just courious.

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