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trodas 30th July, 2015 01:56 PM

Question of design - white internal DVD-RW?
Guys, I wonder, if anyone can suggest me a good (at best RPC-1 patchable) DVD-RW drive. I like my old NEC drives (DV-4551A, DV-2510A) and I'm even satisfacted with the Sony Optiarc AD-7621S, but all these are baige/black.

Now what good drive (SATA these says, of course) is produced in white color? Could anyone help me out?

For THIS case it could be a reall beauty:
View image: Phanteks Enthoo Pro White
...and basically it is a question of design. I seen plenty of extrernal (slim, sadly, not re-usable as internal drive) white DVD-RW combodrives, but none internal.

Anyone can suggest white one...?:D

Gizmo 31st July, 2015 03:31 AM

Sand-paper and spray paint, if you're desperate. I've seen a lot of really nice case mods done that way.

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