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Orbit 22nd August, 2002 06:19 PM

Infinite Loop possible cause...
Just read a good thread over at Via Arena's Forum on the Infinite Loop issue. Seems one of the guys has been dogging this issue and he thinks the issue is directly related to the 3.3v line.

Root Cause: Load at 3.3V versus how many amps your PSU provides at 3.3V
His fix was to either increase the power to the 3.3v line by a bigger psu, or to decrease the power usage on the 3.3v line by removing some of the memory. Seems that some people have 'fixed' it by going from 512+ memory down to 256mb. This would explain why it's cross o/s, mobo mfg, chipset, etc.

Am I allowed to post a link to it here? If so, I will.

Southern Man 22nd August, 2002 09:43 PM

I'm pretty sure you are OK with posting links to other BBS's as long as you are not promoting your own.
In this case it is a learning thread for people here so I would post it.

"Knowledge is Good" & "A Mind is a Terrible Thing"
2 of my favorite quotes. :D

Orbit 22nd August, 2002 11:09 PM

Ok.. well, then....

Possible cause of Infinite Loop Error

It'd be nice if this WAS the issue.

I experienced this once, after messing with benching a bunch of nvidia drivers back to back... but reinstalled 4in1's and mine went away.

I'm running 2 sticks of 256mb ram, and I have an Enermax 431w PSU, so I don't think the power issue was my issue.. as it's never reared its ugly head again, but for some....

Aedan 23rd August, 2002 04:11 PM

The Infinite loop (or thread stuck in device driver) error is caused by the display driver waiting for the video hardware to finish whatever operation has occured. As a result, the display driver is going around in circles, checking the hardware's status, pausing for an instant, then going back and checking the status.

This could be caused by many things! :)

Basically, it's a problem where the hardware and software get out of sync due to a communications issue. The hardware goes off and does one things, and the software waits for something different to happen. Obviously that something different isn't going to occur!


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