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JayJay 30th August, 2002 07:09 PM

HDD Image, Norton GHost, question

I plan to image a whole hard drive. An image means that it will have exactly the same contents of the imaged hard drive right??? i.e. the arrangement of the files and folders.

My question is: Lets say that I image HDD 0 and put the image file into HDD 1. Then I remove HDD 0 from the PC and use HDD 1 to boot. Will the PC boot up the same exact way as using HDD 0??? Will all the files, programs, windows settings, and drivers be intact???

Im just making sure because the drive that I plan to image has very critical data. :eek:

Thanks in advanced. :)

The Spyder 30th August, 2002 07:37 PM

It makes an EXACT copy--- it will boot just fine- i do this at work for mass orderes-- install windows on one and then ghost the drive onto the other 20 systems :P

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