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Holst 20th September, 2002 04:04 PM

Pics of Dual CPU systems.
Lets be having them then. :)

Some of you guys must have some cool looking dually boxes.
What cooling you got ? Is it overclocked ?

LutaWicasa 20th September, 2002 04:15 PM

Mines not here yet :(
Would ya like pics from unpacking through the final running rig?:)

BigRed 20th September, 2002 04:15 PM

Look at mine :D

Random Nonsense 20th September, 2002 04:21 PM

If my cunning plan comes togeather expect piccies... but not until next month :(

dimmreaper 21st September, 2002 05:23 AM

I want a dual Xeon rig, anyone willing to loan me some money? :rolling:

Actually, someone currently owes me enough money to build a nice SMP rig, though getting them to cough up the cash is proving to be extremely difficult! Depending on how things look when I manage to get paid what is owed me(if it ever happens), I may just splurge on dual CPU setup. It's been a full year since I've built myself a completely new system.

The Spyder 21st September, 2002 05:40 AM

Dont you hate it when friends are clients..... and you see they are starting a buisness so you charge like only the minimum you need to build the PC'S and then come back alter after they make some $$$ and say....... ok- can you pay me the other $2000 for the bid? :(

dimmreaper 21st September, 2002 06:14 AM

It's not a matter of friends or PCs, but a matter of family and money lent with the impression given that I would be paid back in relatively little time. $1800 is a lot of money to lend in good faith, I'm either really nice, or just a sucker.

himura-dono 25th September, 2002 11:17 AM

dimmreaper, you sound like me.... >_<"

so now, instead of finishing my dually with the money i would have had (if i hadn't been a nice guy), i wind up having to pay my tuition till my appeal goes through. x_X

Colin 26th September, 2002 09:49 PM

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Jeff - Is this what you are talking about? It's well worth the money. Specs can be found here.

dimmreaper 27th September, 2002 07:32 AM

That's the stuff Colin! Though the swiftech setup isn't my style. How are the dual Xeon boards in terms of overclocking? I wouldn't expect much in that department, but I'd be thrilled to hear otherwise.

I'm a bit curious to see what kind of a performance hyperthreading will bring to Folding@Home when multiple processes are run(FAH throws a lot of dependant instructions the CPU's way, so in theory it should help to some degree). Wouldn't happen to know anything about that would you?

I hope Intel gets around to some dual channel DDR action soon, hopefully they have an SMP capable dual DDR solution in the works.

Random Nonsense 27th September, 2002 11:34 AM

Hey colin! long time no see! :)

Nice rig, not many people have Xeons they can show off :)

muddocktor 27th September, 2002 07:35 PM

This is my humble AMD dually rig.
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I built this computer in it's present form with the A7M266-D board about 3 months ago as a single proc system and finally added the other processor about 2 months ago. I'm cooling it with 2-Maze1C waterblocks, because they use the socket clips for mounting. The Asus board doesn't have the 4 holes around the sockets. I'm running 2-XP2000+ procs in it at 1763/141 fsb and no problems. The case was originally built for pelt cooling a P3 1.26S server proc, which I got up to 1713 mhz at over 180 fsb. Even at that speed, it still wouldn't outfold my old Tbird at 1400, so I decided to try a dual system out with this case. The gray electrical box you see mounted on top is where the pelt psu resides. It is big enough to run a 24v, 172 watt pelt. My future plans are to move the present dual system to another SX1240 case and to use this case for exploration into the overclocking abilities of the rev. B Tbred procs, using active cooling measures.

donny_paycheck 13th October, 2002 06:50 PM

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Dual MP 2000+ @ 1715mhz:

donny_paycheck 13th October, 2002 06:51 PM

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Dual 1.3 Morgan Durons @ 1470mhz:

donny_paycheck 13th October, 2002 06:52 PM

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Dual P3 Xeons, 733mhz, 2mbs L2 cache each:

edit- it's hard to see the CPUs, but they're the big black cartridges. Wish I didn't have to make multiple posts because I have these pics hosted elsewhere, but thanks for being generous with forum bandwidth.

dimmreaper 13th October, 2002 08:33 PM

Very nice rigs Donny! May I ask what you use them for? And which of your two K7 dually boards do you prefer most?

donny_paycheck 13th October, 2002 10:22 PM

The Durons are on a MSI K7D Master-L and it's by far the best of the 760MPX boards. Reason being, it has voltage and multiplier adjustments in BIOS. No other 760MPX board has this. I bumped up the vcore to 1.8v and got the Morgans to 1470 no problem.

The MP 2000+s are on a Gigabyte GA-7DPXDW and it only has FSB adjustments. I got this first because it had the highest review marks in the Firing Squad 760MPX board roundup. I was able to get the MPs up to 1715mhz from 1667 at default vcore thanks to their AGOIA steppings. If I had them in my MSI I'm sure they'd go a lot higher with more voltage. I wrote a short article about this system here.

The Durons have 512mb of RAM and a little 10 gig drive, they run Folding@Home. The MPs also run F@H, but the system doubles as a file server because I have a 4-drive RAID 5 in it. You can see it in the pic, I used a 3ware escalade 7540 ATA RAID controller and a quartet of 30 gig western digital drives. I originally had the MPs and the GA board in my main system but I decided to move it over and replace it with a single CPU setup in the interest of getting the best performance in video games. I don't do enough serious work to justify a SMP system as my primary machine.

BigRed 13th October, 2002 11:51 PM

Looks like donny likes the antec cases ;)

Ohh and where did you get those rounded ide cables in your mp rig? those are badass, i want some :)

donny_paycheck 14th October, 2002 12:55 AM

Yeah, Antecs = teh r0x0r.

The cables I got from , right here:

Random Nonsense 25th October, 2002 05:22 PM

Its obvious why your name is Donny_Paycheck!

Hey, if they arent already spoken for, why not sign up to our F@H team? Would be a great boost to output!

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