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siggy 8th July, 2003 08:40 AM

Jam Studio graphics tablet ?
has anyone used a JamStudio graphics tablet and how did you like the features and software? better then using mouse or cirque pad?
is the pressure sensitivity easy to get used to? can other software be used then what is supplied (like coreldraw)? thumbs up/down?thanks.........

robbie 8th July, 2003 09:27 AM

We have a photoshop thread here You might have a better chance at getting your question answered in there.

Draw on.
Rob :thumbsup:

LP 8th July, 2003 09:36 AM

I haven't used the one you mentioned, but I have used a Wacom Graphire for years, and love it.

I don't use the mouse because it sticks and jerks, but the pen is great.
It's ideal for intricate things.

The sensitivity is adjustable using the software provided.

Mine is USB, so I install the software drivers on a couple towers and then I can move the draw pad to whatever one I need it on at the time.

I highly recommend a draw pad. :thumbsup:

Aedan 8th July, 2003 10:04 AM

Depending on the software "interface" that the tablet uses, other applications that support pressure sensitivity may be able to function correctly.

Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, Corel (formerly Metacreations) Painter, JASQ PSP, Macromedia FreeHand and more support pressure sensitivity.

I like the Wacom tablets, features like being able to sense the tilt angle of your pen or the ability to have multiple tools with unique IDs are all nice. That last one means you can have multiple pens (or airbrushes or whatever) that react differently, as the system can tell them apart!


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