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barneygumble742 23rd April, 2004 04:45 AM

tv tuner card

i need a tv tuner card. i used to have an ati aiw 128 pro (rage chipset).

on my new pc i have a sapphire 9600xt. i bought an msi tv/fm tuner for like $50 but its a piece of crap. i'll be rma'ing it asap. its the software that's really bothering me. its the worse i've ever come across. the ati software on the aiw card wasn't the best. but it was stable and a reboot usually fixed the bugs.

right now i'm looking at an ati card only for stability. i know other companies like hauppage make cards but i don't know how good they are.

what tv tuner card should i look into?


cadaveca 23rd April, 2004 05:12 AM

i've heard positive things about haupagge or however you spell it...but my thing goes like this...ati vid card..ati tuner
nvidia vid card...nvidia tuner.
made by same company ensures at least some compatability, and like you've said ati software sucks.....but it works.

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