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kanimambo 6th August, 2004 07:25 PM

Overcloking TI 4200
Hi ppl. This is my 1ยบ thread here. Nice to meet you all

I'v just downloaded NVHP20. It looked like a pretty good AGP overcloker, so I went ahead and overcloked my TI 4200 by 10% ( both core and memory).

Does someone have an idea about what should be the best reasonable overclock for this graphic card, without modding or extra cooling ?

Also, my CPU spec is 100 FSB but I'm running it at 112 FSB. Motherboard does not lock AGP/PCI buses :( . Does this mean that the graphic card is already stressed via the CPU overclock ?

marcofra2000 6th August, 2004 09:02 PM

Welcome to the forums!!!!
I'd say yeah your stressing your card a tad but hey if it works!!! :)
Robbie @ Marco's box!!

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