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linientreu 25th September, 2005 10:36 AM

Which driver to kill jitter/display bug and squeeze the most out of nvidia fx 5200???
hi there,

ok heres my problem. i just upgraded my mobo ram and cpu thinking i would be able to increase game and overall system performance, but still seem to have the same bugs as before upgrade > lag for a few seconds while sound loops and i get immense graphical distortion in rome total war and other newer games.

my overall system performance IS better as long as nothing graphically intensive is taking place (ie rendering a model in my fav 3d app or playing a game).

long story short i've tried a number of different drivers but need some help in picking the one that'll give me the best performance and least graphical glitches for my card.
heres my system:

AMD Athlon 64 +3200
K8 Triton Mobo Manufactured by Gigabyte: GA-K8U-939
2gb of doublesided ddr
128mb 8x agp Nvidia FX 5200

like i said i've tried a bunch of different drivers some modded some not. some installs clean (drivercleaner) some not. played with the settings on the video card and in the bios to death. almost 2 days eaten up. i'm tired. i'm hungry. please help :crazy:
*sniff* thanks
oh and i hate nvidia now. am i just incompetent or is this stuff extremely confusing for the uninitiated?

dsio 25th September, 2005 01:50 PM

Please tell me what your current drivers are, and please outline your main 3D usage, eg, what games you play, and what programs you run, and whether it is OpenGL or Direct 3D.

Do you know if your card is the 128 bit version, or the 64 bit version?

dsio 25th September, 2005 01:59 PM

The best driver for your card is the Omega Modified 44.03 driver.

Now, you need a driver clean.

First, download the Omega Modified 44.03 drivers from the AOA Files section, here:

1: Go to and download the latest Driver Cleaner Pro

2: Uninstall all Nvidia and ATI display drivers from your machine. If you had a 3DFX or S3 card previously, uninstall that too.

3: Reboot into safe mode

4: Run Driver Cleaner Pro, and clean all Nvidia drivers, all ATI drivers, and any other display drivers you may have had in the past.

5: Install the Omega Modified 44.03 drivers

6: Reboot and try out the drivers

Welcome to AOA mate.

Exile69 25th September, 2005 02:26 PM

I think it's time for a new video card. That thing is an incredible bottleneck. Look into a Leadtek 6800LE or 6800 if you decide to upgrade. :thumbsup:

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