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saquib 13th November, 2006 12:42 PM

Component to VGA or DVI Conversion
I don't own a HDTV, and right now I really cant afford it. Given the fact that I am only looking for one to play PS3 in, I'd rather go for a converter so i can put the HD Video Signal in my PC's Moitor. Haven't got a PS3, but might get one in next 2 months. Does PS3 have any converter like XBOX360? or Is there any converters that can convert signals from Component Video Out (Male) to VGA or DVI?

Since PS3 has a HDMI output; Even a HDMI to DVI/VGA Converter will do, if it supports up to 1080p conversion. But I wonder what happens to the sound that also comes with the HDMI cable, once the data is converted to DVI/VGA's signal???

I'm looking for the one which can convert up to the 1080p signal to same resolution in VGA/DVI mode. If not, then atleast up to 1080i conversion.

If possible, I'm looking for a common, or popular brand that has more probability of being available worldwide.

If there's a one available from a reputed e-store that can provide international shipping, that'd do too.

Doesn't need to be too expensive, unless really necessary!

Thanks a lot in advance.

whatever 27th November, 2006 10:42 PM

What other output connections does PS3 have?

It *could* be done by using a Component-to-VGA cable but I don't have any experience in using such cable so I can't say fore sure if it'll work. But the basics is that you want to go VGA to Component, with both being analog. DVI and HDMI for digital. If there is more conversion going on, the PQ/TQ can be affected.

My recommendation is to save up and get a descent 27~ 37" LCD flat panel. 720P or 1080P panels should do just fine. And if the PS3 has HDMI output, use that, and connect to the LCD panel.

I own two high-end 50" plasma panels, setup as dual monitors for viewing HD videos and PC games. I'm using SVGA for the plasma 1 and DVI-D for the plasma 2. PQ knock my socks off.. :D

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