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burekar 19th June, 2002 01:42 PM

Radeon 7500 OC
I replaced my kyro 2 with a radeon 7500(got it very cheap). So, after being amused by the wonderful 2D picture quality and a decent performance in GTA3 and Warcraft 3, I got bored and started overclocking.
The GPU runs stable all the way to 360Mhz(maximum with Powerstrip), while the memory starts producing artifacts when higher than 240Mhz(460). I guess that memory bandwith is essential in game performance, because I don`t get more fps with bigger GPU speed.
So, how much Mhz would I probably gain with more voltage to the RAM and some additional cooling?
And where to find the voltage raising instructions, I can`t find them anywhere.


Pinky 19th June, 2002 07:47 PM

You're not going to get too much more from that memory, which was probably 4.5 or 5ns and you're already well past spec at 240mhz...

Have you tried first overclocking the memory, then the core?

I don't know of any volt mods for the 7500.

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