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PANTS MARSHALL 24th April, 2004 01:31 PM

need help to stabalise v core
using mbm v-core shows 1.55v in bios 1.575.Also my v dimm goes out by .1volt.i was wondering if anyone knew where to mesure v-core and v-dimm on the mobo,also if ther was any mods that would do the trick(try modding a abit max-3).hope i am not asking to much but i know i have a 300fsb chip

Gizmo 24th April, 2004 03:42 PM

Welcome to AOA! :cool:

The difference in the reading between the BIOS and MBM can be due to one of two things:

1) The BIOS is tweaking the values it reads

2) There is more stuff loading the CPU when windows is up, so it's pulling the vcore reading down. Bear in mind that there is a resolution of something like .016v in the reading, so your voltage could actually be up to that much higher than what you are seeing in the display.

As for the mods, don't know of any.

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