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madcatmk3 6th February, 2006 08:53 PM

I'm getting annoyed, I have two mice(?) and both are getting worn down on thier coated feat, even my G7 with it' huge teflon coted ones. DOes anyonw thing it would be owrth it to make a magnetic mouse?

Gizmo 6th February, 2006 08:59 PM

Eh, what do you mean by a 'magnetic mouse'? What's the design goal here?

kellamne 6th February, 2006 09:03 PM

Id be guessing forces to make the mouse float?????

madcatmk3 6th February, 2006 09:06 PM

yes I put magnets in the mouse and the pad so it would hover slightly enough to be able to glide.

Gizmo 6th February, 2006 09:10 PM

Seems to me like that would be highly problematic. The amount of repulsive force required from the magnets would depend not just on the weight of the mouse, but on the weight of the hand operating the mouse. In addition, as soon as you took your hand off the mouse, it would try to skate of the mouse pad. You'd be forever running down your mouse.

Both of these problems can be solved using active electronics, but now you've got significant power drains (particularly with the repulsive force issue), and the cost would be much, much higher.

So, I don't think it would be practical. Interesting idea, though.

madcatmk3 6th February, 2006 09:26 PM

I might still try it though I have a $5 mouse, also the thing is that you have to put a higher replusive force magnet on the outside. Plus it only need to float about .1 of a cm above the ground to be effective. Also cost around $70 say the price logitech charges for a G7?

madcatmk3 6th February, 2006 09:38 PM

captaincurran 6th February, 2006 11:09 PM

I think it'd be a neat idea too, even if it's not practical. but that's just the modder in me. i'd like to try that to a regular PC ps2 mouse.

madcatmk3 7th February, 2006 12:47 AM

mebery I'll order the ZZF mouse and try it I would need a mouse pad to. Then I would have to0 place four in the mouse. ALso on the pad I would need to place them at an equal distance and have the stonger magents on the end. Should only end up costing about $30 if someone elses wants to try.

Pitch 7th February, 2006 01:18 AM

My Razer, which I've had for nearly a year hasn't worn down a bit. What Mouse mat are you using. Plus it isn't helped by the weight of a wireless mouse.

madcatmk3 7th February, 2006 01:59 AM

I'm using the on in the link not a G7, I don't have the money to rip one of those up. My MS optical has lost it slickness and my G7 is slightly scrached. I want that slickness in a mouse and it worth it just for fun.

Pitch 7th February, 2006 02:00 AM

Was refering to footwear... Your Mouses that is... No the mouse for your PC.

madcatmk3 10th February, 2006 12:13 AM

The G7 doesn't have feat but long pads. It talkes longer to where down but still does.

Favu 10th February, 2006 12:19 AM


Originally Posted by Pitch


Aedan 10th February, 2006 12:27 AM

For it to work effectively would require active electronics in the mousepad, if only to localise the field to be under the mouse. Why? Magnetic field drops off as a square law - double the distance and the field quarters. Hence, with a static field, the repulsive force in the middle of a mousemat would be hugely different compared to the edges of the mat.

For people who point out it just needs a big magnet, may I remind them that a magnet of that power has a tendancy to erase things like bank cards...

madcatmk3 10th February, 2006 12:54 AM

any chance you can explain in detail magnetic laws?

madcatmk3 10th February, 2006 01:17 AM


Pitch 10th February, 2006 01:58 AM


Originally Posted by madcatmk3
It talkes longer to where down but still does.

Clearly not if it's worn down already ;)

Aedan 10th February, 2006 10:52 AM


Originally Posted by madcatmk3
any chance you can explain in detail magnetic laws?

Not here. However the basics are that the field decays over distance. You can test this easily by changing the distance between two identical poles and noting that the repulsive force changes. As you change the distance, you'll also notice that the force does not change in a linear way. That is to say that if you halve the distance, the force does not double. I'll leave it to you to find out what does happen to the force though.

cloasters 10th February, 2006 07:07 PM

As a theoretical exercise, a floating mouse is fun. Making one work will be difficult, if you have the time and inclination, go for it!

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