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Intel Motherboards & CPUs Questions or comments on INTEL products?

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Old 16th June, 2003, 01:56 AM
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Join Date: December 2002
Location: New York
Posts: 83

P4C temp and voltage

My last Intel machine was a P3 550e on a VIA133a board (Asus P3V4X) with two sticks of Mushkin Rev2 PC133 RAM overclocked to 850Mhz (155Mhz FSB). It lasted me through a GeForce256DDR, GF2 and a Radeon64. When it was apparent that Intel was not able to break the 1000Mhz mark easily (and certainly not overclockable) and the newly released P4 was a piece of crap, I went with AMD.

I stuck with AMD through at least a half dozen Athlons right up too my last at 2400Mhz at a 200Mhz FSB. I’ve used the KT133, 133a, 266a and Nforce2 chipsets too.

Heat has always plagued AMD processors. I learned early on that there were only a few heatsink solutions that actually worked. The Alpha PAL6035 was great, the Alpha PEP66 was awesome. I used the Swiftech MC360, MC462 for some time. And of recently, I have used fancied the Thermalrights – SLK700, 800 and now the SLK900u. They have proved to be amazing. I tried a Volcano and another more commercial brand and found that were adequate but less so then the above mentioned.

I have stayed with my LianLi case for a while – I was one of the first guys on the block with one after I read an Australian review that just blew me away, now everyone’s got one – I hate that!

So back to Intel. I was very impressed with the reviews of the newest i875p chipset and P4-C processors. I had already invested in two amazing sticks of Corsair XMS3500 memory that runs fast and stable. My last NF2/Athlon machine produced 3100+ MB/sec bandwidth at 200Mhz dual-channel in sync. I was anxious to see it perform in this new i875 board.

I chose the Abit IC7. I didn’t want the additional SATA and I read that the onboard Intel LAN sucked. Other brands either had issues with the ATI Radeon 9700pro (R300) or was not a solid overclocker. I have had less then good luck with Abit boards in the past but decided to try it out.

I also chose the Pentium 4 2.6c chip for its 13x multiplier.

Out of the box the machine was doing 13x X 250Mhz with stock voltage. Temp under load was hardly hitting 45ºc. Prime 95 was not stable at stock voltage. My chip was a 1.52v default variety but on the Abit IC7 the voltage is consistently .2-.3 v below what was set in BIOS. At default voltage the board is only putting out 1.50v. At 1.625v the board is putting out 1.60v according to Hardware Dr., Sandra and CPUZ.
At this voltage (also Vdimm at 2.8v and AGP at 1.6v) I am running 13x X 255Mhz for 3320MHz clock.

Temp is a bit higher then I was expecting but then again its from an internal diode rather then the less-then-accurate below the chip sensor I was used to reading.
My last AMD CPU at 2400Mhz needed 2.0v to run and temp would read between 42ºc and 50ºc (Prime-95 load). (note: I have seen the board to shut down at 70ºc from the diode so I can assume at Prime-95 load, the diode temp would exceed that temp).
This new P4 at 3320Mhz is reading between 38ºc and 61ºc – I have read people comment that they are using Volcano type coolers and not reaching more then 45ºc under load but I find that really hard to believe. Again, I have used these type coolers and found them less capable then the SLK-800 and 900 coolers buy a large margin.

In the past (as I have said) I have not had the best luck with Abit boards. One of the things I always found disturbing was the horribly inaccurate temp readings from them. Is this still the case?

What do you guys and gals think about the temp readings and different type of coolers?

Also and most importantly, how much is ‘too much’ in regards to voltage and temp on a P4C??

Last words; this system isn’t benching much higher then my last AMD machine at 2400Mhz but it’s a whole lot smoother, faster and more stable then any AMD computer I have built. I’m happy I’m back with Intel.

Pentium4 2.6c - ABit IC7 (i875p)
3320 MHz - 255mhz FSB (1020mhz Effective)
1.60v Vcore, 2.77v Vdim
XMS3500 at 204mhz - 6-2-2-2.0

Sandra 2003:
mem- 5569MB/s | 5567MB/s
cpu- 10153 / (2864/6307)
mmb- 15314 / 23848

Radeon 9700p (371mhz/688mhz) artifact clean, will go higher!
ATI Cat. 3.4 - WinXP pro
Always Evolving….
3.36 / 240mhz
Swiftech 8600 water cooled
(2) 256Mb Corsair XMS-3500
Abit IC7 (i875p)
Zalman 400W PSU
Radeon 9700p at 371/688, copper cooling
19" Hitachi CM772
(2) WD250se drives SATA
Pioneer DVD, Sony CDRW
M-Audio Delta DIO 2496
3DM01 - 18,960
3DM03 - 5767
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Old 16th July, 2003, 12:48 AM
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Join Date: September 2001
Location: Athens, GA USA
Posts: 140

With the P4C I would definitely keep it under 1.65 volts, and temp wise if you're using air then shoot for 50C or less.
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Old 21st July, 2003, 10:07 PM
OnDborder's Avatar
Join Date: December 2002
Posts: 78

I have an IS7 that has that same issue with the vcore and ddr voltage reading differently than what is set.. 1.65 vcore reads 1.62 idle, 1.58 under prime and ddr set at 2.8 reads 2.7.. Both read like this in the bios, "Health Status" and in MBM5.
My temps get 46c idle,55c under prime at a room temp of 84f.(In Az) It gets warm here..
Oh I'm running at the moment at 12x167 stable..
I also noticed that this didn't bench much higher stock 2400, than my AMD 1700 @ 2300.. As a matter of fact it was benching lower in some programs, I wasn't too happy spending all that money for little improvement.. Until I found out that Hyper Threading didn't work too well in W2k. So I threw in my XP and WOW what a difference.

I wonder if anyone has tested to verify which voltage is correct, the one set in "Soft Menu" or the one in the "Health Status"..

Last edited by OnDborder; 21st July, 2003 at 10:16 PM.
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