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Intel Motherboards & CPUs Questions or comments on INTEL products?

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Old 10th October, 2004, 07:32 AM
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Asus P2B--concensus on upgrade plz.

Greetz. I just picked up an old Asus P2B mobo. Has revision 1.10 I do believe. Last bios too. Has slot1 pII 450 in it right now. I have upgraded older slots and 370's before. I am looking into doing that with this one. Read lots of stuff. A little confused though on this one.

I can go with something like a 600mhz celeron, but that is at 66bus. Can oc to higher, but can it go to 100, where the pci is back at 33mhz?

Or I have been looking at perhaps a pIII 100bus. That top's out at about 800 or so. This board does have the silkscreen that says 133 with a 33/44.1pci clock. There appears to be some info that states that I can enter a special bios screen to choose the 33pci clock at 133. I have 100 and 133 ram modules, so going to 133@33pci would just be peachy.

Herein lies the problem. Multiple articles state that the 1.5v for a tualatin core is not supported, that lowest for this board is 1.8. They say that some coppermine celerons require 1.75v, which the 1.8 works for. Other articles state that a slocket should reduce the v to 1.5 ok. Some say it just won't work. I can also get a celeron in a 1.5v 100bus, that should then work if the slocket does indeed drop the voltage.

Or I could do the various workarounds by modding the board or the slocket. Like to stay away from that though.

I can pick up a brand new C1.3g, 100bus 1.5v w/heatsink and fan for under $40. Plus the slocket for like $10. That would be a pretty cheap buy, considering I got the computer for free.

Another option is going for an $8.00 adapter that is supposed to let my 370 adapt to a tualatin. However, there does not appear to be any real documentation as to voltages, bus speeds or anything. I have seen other posts that have said there is success.

Not that I would be out a lot of money. I have seen so many conflicting reports on whether this board will or will not do that. Obviously having a geniune P over a C would be better. Especially not having to change the pci clocks by running the FSB up to get an older celeron overclocked.

This seems to be one of the better forums that I have found for good solid answers.

How bout it? Anyone out there know the answer to so many questions?

Thanks for any help

The powerleap solution works but is spendy. One thought I had with the failures of using a tualatin, or any 1.5v and or 133fsb. Thinking here...

One article said that putting in a 133fsb would cause a refusal to boot. Period. The powerleap articles stated that the onboard voltage regulator is what made them work. This adapter, at, really tells me nothing. I am thinking that if I stick a 133 and or 1.5v with that adapter, the slocket may indeed reduce the voltage, but that the board does not see this. That would explain why the powerleap works, the mobo sees it differently.

I have been reading too much
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Old 10th October, 2004, 06:30 PM
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Welcome to AOA Forums, geriatric!
Clearing the cobwebs as well as possible. The P2B was arguably the best 440BX mainboard ever made. Yet it lacked Abit's 'Dial-a-FSB' frequency select capability in its BIOS. I gave my P2B to my brother long ago, it had a S370 P2-600 with an Asus Slocket. The board will run a 100 Mhz FSB with 33 Mhz PCI bus, no problem. P2-600's(or faster) CPU's might be hard to find--yet they should be dirt cheap if you can get one. You might try www. .

I think that you can select 133 Mhz FSB, using jumpers. If you can select 133 Mhz FSB, the CPU will need serious cooling to survive.

AFAIK, you're SOL with P3's on this board. If I remember right, there were reports that a Slocket could provide the right voltage for a P3. I remain skeptical about this. Maybe I'm too conservative.

I don't recall that the 66 Mhz Celerons of the day made it to 100 Mhz easily. I think that 83 Mhz FSB was a snap, but the PCI and AGP busses were way out of whack. Only the best PCI and Vidcards could handle this out of spec frequency.

If you can make your board kick butt within the constraints of long ago and far away, please let us know!
When the world will be better.
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Old 2nd November, 2004, 03:31 PM
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most 440bx boards will do a 133mhz fsb with a 33mhz pci, but the agp runs at 89mhz which a good card like a tnt2 or older geforce would handle.
A slocket will let you set the correct voltage for an s370 cpu, so you could go for either a celeron fc-pga 600 and overclock it to 900mhz+ or a 700mhz pIII and try the 133mhz bus to get 933mhz
From what I've read on tualatin slockets they take care of the power requirements so your system should run one of these in an fcpga2 slocket fine
I upgraded my parents pc a while ago with an asus s370 and a cC0 celeron 600 which ioverclocked to 1008mhz on a 112mhz fsb, Ithis was a QDI Brilliant-1S board which is older than your board I think and doesn't have as many features andit runs just fine with the slocket jumper settings taking care of the voltage. It can do a 133mhz fsb which I tested once on an unlocked klamoth 233 and everything was fine
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