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shroomalistic 4th November, 2002 10:40 AM

P4t533-c problems
Heres my buddies setup,

Pt533-c with p4 2.4ghz 400mhz SL68T Coasta Rica
Corsair 128mb PC800 x 2
Watercooled CPU temps at 37c
Voltage @ 2.00

My problem is i cant overclock this thing past 2.8. I see people online getting these things to 4ghz. I would be happy to get 3.2 or higher. Please Help............

Random Nonsense 4th November, 2002 12:59 PM

More than likely your friend just got a poor chip, it happens (i should know) Still, 2.8 ghz is plenty fast :) I would advice dropping the voltage a little, I've heard northwoods can crap out at 1.7 and above, 2 volts gives me the jitters on an AMD system and they are known to toletate voltage pretty well!

Oh, What PSU are you running? that may be limiting the overclock rather than the chip being at its limit.

BigRed 4th November, 2002 10:57 PM

I HIGHLY sugguest you drop that voltage to 1.8, Anything over that is extremley dangerous. People running over 1.8v have been losing their chips due to electromigration. Northwoods have a problem with that for some reason.
Those people on the internet getting 4ghz are using Dry Ice or liquid N2, and their overclocks arent stable, they just have it stable enough to take a cpuID shot so they can brag.... Dont expect your chip to go much over 3ghz, if that. For its not C1 stepping and the 2.4 isnt the best overclocker of the bunch.

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