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DKMOC 13th July, 2005 07:43 AM

Help with Dell 4700
Just got a dell 4700 was wondering if anyone knows what I can do with this. I know there isn't much but it was free so let me know.


Running at 3300 mhz 17xmult.
128mb PCIe

GrahamGarside 13th July, 2005 11:55 AM

If you are talking about overclocking, probably very little, some software fsb programs may off some joy though, you need to know what the clock generator chip type is. I don't know exactly where it would be on a dell but it's a small rectangle chip, aprox 1cm long with a silver chip next to it and they are usually located quite clocse to the northbridge. Look for something with the manufacturer name on it like winbond or ics then try and find it's model number on this page and download the corresponding program.

More detailed specs of your system would be helpgul. you will probably have much better luck overclocking the graphics card

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