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Freedom 28th July, 2002 07:45 PM

P4 1.8A, Volcano 7+,P4B533…temps and low bencg results???
Just set up my new system…got a couple of issues to clarify…first of all take a look at the temps and remember that I am in Greece and its TOO hot here!!!

*IDLE Temps
Testing time: 10-12 minutes

Volcano 7+ speed--CPU temp--Mobo temp

Testing time: 35-60 minutes

I used CPU Burn-in v 1.01 havibg checked the option “Disable error chacking (maximum heat generator)” in order to stress the system a little bit more.

Volcano 7+ speed--CPU temp--Mobo temp

So, are these temps normal???

Now, issue #2…the video benchmarks seem ok and I am very happy with them…but I really don’t like PcMark2002s cpu results!!!

VIDEO performance (Omega drivers, Win98SE, Vsync:off, “best performance”)

3dMark2001SE (default benchmark): 7124
3dMark2000 (default benchmark áëëÜ ìå 32 bit á*ôß ãéá 16 bit): 9712
Vulpine Gl (1024x768, 32bit, High Detail,GF3 features): 68,3
Vulpine Gl (1024x768, 32bit, High Detail, Advanced features): 72,6
Vulpine Gl (1024x768, 32bit, High Detail, Standard OpenGL 1.2): 72,1
Xsmark (1024x768, 32bit): 4758

AquaMark (1024x768x32, Pixelshader:yes, texture:40MB)
MIN FPS : 27.6
MAX FPS : 68.6
AVG FPS : 45.7

Dronez (1024 x 768 at 32 bit, Z buffer:24 bit, Filtering: trilinear, Texture:32 bit, definition:high, Bump:enabled, Geometry Mode: GL_Draw_Elements)
Minimum FPS: 50.25
Maximum FPS: 375.62
Average FPS: 116.3347
Minimum GL K-triangles: 15.49
Maximum GL K-triangles: 2944.40
Average GL K-triangles: 1713.2267
Minimum T&L K-triangles: 16.24
Maximum T&L K-triangles: 2944.54
Average T&L K-triangles: 1731.2645

I am a happy man:-D :-D :-D !!!

SYSTEM performance

CPU: 4374
Memory: 4216
Hard disk:1071

CPU Arithmetic Benchmark
Dhrystone ALU: 3435MIPS
Whetstone FPU/iSSE2: 1085/2234MFLOPS

CPU Multimedia Benchmark
Integer iSSE2: 7169 it/s
Floating-Point iSSE2: 8754 it/s

Memory Bandwidth Benchmark
RAM Int Buffered iSSE2 Bandwidth: 2010 MB/s
RAM Float Buffered iSSE2 Bandwidth: 1929 MB/s

So, tell me your opinions…aren’t cpu’s results a little bit low or ots my idea???

The Spyder 29th July, 2002 12:05 AM

Great System!!!! Nice temps- great temps even- have you check the folding section out :-P :-P

Freedom 29th July, 2002 07:27 AM

Thanks man...but are you sure that the PcMark cpu's score arent a kind of low???

"Folding section"???

Oh and something else...yesterday i performed the temp tests and i discovered that i "earned" 1C per Volcano 7+ fan speed...

So, now its 46C at low, 43C straight at mid and 42C at high fan speed...i am getting a bit worried about this...maybe Arctic Alumina needs some more time...

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