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gameboy_c 7th September, 2002 02:12 PM

Building very fast PC
For my work, i have to build the fastest single processor system for a reasonable price.
I already have a PROMETIA COOLING SYSTEM (-40°C) AND 2x CORSAIR XMS PC3200 512 MB DDR memory.

As I do not have much experience in overclocking any suggestions,comments and help is welcome.

I was thinking of buying a Asus P4S533 MB (Runs at DDR 400) and a P4 @ 100MHz to overclock up to 133 MHz or more.

I have read at that they have overclocked a P4 1.8 up to 3.2 GHz (with voltage mod = 1.95).
The cooling system of the prometia is much better than the Vapochill so I should at least get these results.

Can I go higher with a P4 2 GHz ? or should I buy a P4 2.5 GHz @ 100MHz and begin from there.

As I am running text based linux for my calculations, a fast graphics card isn't necessary.

The Spyder 7th September, 2002 05:24 PM

Buy the 2.5 and go for the 3.5gig mark- BUT REMEMBER- SNDS- sudden northwood death syndrom- happens at above 1.7v and below 0c--- if left for more then a month-

robbie 7th September, 2002 06:12 PM

Your building it for your work? I wouldn't OVERCLOCK it then. You want it to be as stable as can be and last A LONG time. Once you take a system out of specs there IS NO guaranty that it will stay working like that for a long time.

And WHY RISK your good name to your fellow employee's and Superiors?!?! Also if it's going to be a server of some sort I would recommend getting MORE ram, and a motherboard with a raid setup.

Happy clocking.

EDIT what's up with the spell checker?!?!?!?!

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