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Freedom 27th September, 2002 01:25 PM

Cel 1700+P4S533…is it ok?
The time to “cook” a nice “low-end”* system for my girlfriend has come. So I am thinking of a Celeron 1700 (cheap enough), ASUS P4S533(great+cheap+easy to upgrate to P4s later since Cel 1700 is 478 socket and it has on board sound too), a 266 or 333DDR probably no-name stick of RAM,a WD 400BB hard disk and a simple pc case. Fortunately, I ve got all the other parts (cd rom, video card, keyboard, mouse, monitor and so forth) so it wont cost her an arm and a leg…

This pc will run only office apps like Word, Excel etc.

The question is, will P4S533 recognize the Celeron without flashing the bios with some new one? What sort of probs should I expect?

Gimme your opinions, mates!!!

*NOTE: low-end my A*S!!! I used to have a P3 1Ghz, ASUS CUCL2 and 512MB memory until 2 months ago and it was just GREAT!!!

surlyjoe 27th September, 2002 02:03 PM

all good except maybe the sound sucks :rolleyes:

Freedom 27th September, 2002 02:12 PM


Originally posted by surlyjoe
all good except maybe the sound sucks :rolleyes:
Its not a big deal...all she needs to hear is the Windows sounds and an mp3 or 2...i am not worried about the sound at all...i can always buy her a bulk audigy anyway...;)

Allan 27th September, 2002 02:32 PM

The built in sound card on the P4S533 ain't as bad as people say it is. Two friends of mine use it, and if you aren't completely insane about music then the sound card will do fine. (For games, MP3 etc)

I would rather get a low level Northwood over the Celeron, though. A bigger hard drive won't be much extra cash either..

Freedom 27th September, 2002 06:48 PM


Originally posted by Allan
I would rather get a low level Northwood over the Celeron, though. A bigger hard drive won't be much extra cash either..
Hum...don't forget that we are talking about Greek prices over here!!! ;) So, forget about a P4 1.8A for the moment (after a year or so we are planning to upgrade to P4) and 40GB are enough even in my case...i have the same and i have installed 3 OSs plus 15 serious games, mp3 applications in every OS etc...and still i ve got plenty if space...:)

I am only worried about compatibility issues...:nervous:

Allan 29th September, 2002 02:07 PM

Well, in that case: You won't have a problem running the celeron in that board. I don't think you will have to flash the bios, but I'm not completely certain of this one.

BMM 29th September, 2002 02:37 PM

There really shouldn't be compatibility issues with this mb and the P4 Celeron, but if you'd like to know for sure you could email ASUS or the shop where you're going to do your purchase...

According to ASUS the mb should be able to use the Celeron as long as you have a BIOS version of 1.7 or higher.

The Spyder 30th September, 2002 04:21 AM

My friend is reasonably happy with his setup like that~ :)

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