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Linux Gaming Support on Our Favorite Free Platform

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Old 15th October, 2012, 05:58 PM
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POL 4.1.8 Running games in Mint...a few observations.

Let's get rid of the obvious. Some Windows games just install and play well in PlayOnLinux. They just do. But these are few and far between.

Then there are those games that can be shoved bullied or coaxed into running "Well enough to enjoy" This "Well enough to enjoy" is bound to have many definitions.

It's bound to be colored by several factors probably first among them would be how bad do you want it? Remember I'm not talking about the games that WILL run great or those that wouldn't pop for heaven.

Cry 2 is such a game for me. I've tried EVERYTHING!!

So why do I keep trying? Because it keeps getting better. I can play at the lowest setting for an hour at a time now. Tis true I live in fear of a crash. Took to long to get here not to be nervous!

My issues with Crysis 2 begin with the way Wine reports my 6700GTX as a 8800GS and goes on to include my wanting to do this in 64 bit Mint 13.
(still want to!)

I've come to believe that the most worthwhile approach for me to take is to run a 32 bit copy of Mint just for my games. This is a learning curve for me so I want as much going for me as I can get, until I know what will and what won't go.

I spent the last three entire days trying different wines. I was going through a wine an hour, Most would not even configure Wine once installed, I'd hit configure and nothing, no Wine app would pop up.

Then about mid-day it hit me. When I install Steam with PlayonLinux POL installs more than just wine!! POL installs what it feels Wine will need to boot to steam.

How some ever when I change the wine for Steam, there is no such accompanying support installs. What kept me from realizing this for so long is the simple fact that some wines can boot Config without additional software. Most cannot. Some cannot with the most complete support software POL can give it.

So how do you know? Best answer I can give is that at my level of understanding it's a crap shoot. I load a wine, I take a hour to prep wine with Dot net, Direct X Fonts and the like. Dotnet and DirectX seem the be the big guns here.

There are two considerations here. First of course wine must boot steam in a usable fashion. all the font's and text must appear properly, not that hard to do, but many a wine version cannot!

The second is the sticking factor, it must boot your games in steam.

I've tried to divide the two. Best wine for steam, another wine for Crysis 2. it's working for me... I have an enjoyable game, at times perfect at times obliviously having to struggle, but just getting by, still occasionally crashing...I usually play til I crash!

I get past 2-5 check points before I go down...and yesterday, several times, I quite and saved my game and returned to it later without incident!! Good Times!! LOL

My thoughts thus far:

If all you want is to play games, I would definitely stay with an MS OS. You will be far happier in the long run

But if your a Linux personage, then I would say what I said in the beginning. There ARE most definitely games you can set up and play PERFECTLY! Enjoy as many as you can!

There are games that care nothing for your soul and will never play for you.

But then, then there are the Crysis 2 type games, that you buy with hope blood and endless frustration. I have watched the intro cut scenes so many times I recite the lines with the charters! Only to crash as soon as the game play starts, those were early days...very time consuming.

Can I show you how to set up Crysis 2 in Mint13?

I can show you how to go about learning to setup Crysis on Mint. If you stick with it , I'm fairly sure you will end up with a playable game. Weather that will satisfy you is another question.

If you love games and enjoy working with Mint 13, gaming in Mint can be very enjoyable and quite rewarding.

If your only doing it to get to the game... you will have hard days ahead.

In Mint 13 you have to go out to meet each game! You have to bring POL with you when you come! You have to appreciate and enjoy working with the tools, Wine tricks, Wine herself and POL, wine versions are easy to install in POL, they make a huge difference, so don't sleep on testing various wines.

If you set up a game on it's own virtual drive be sure to give that drive what it needs to boot steam and run your game.

I want to say this again. If all you want is to play games and just have to be able to run every game, this is not for you, or not for you as a game platform.

You might suffer from my affliction and simply enjoy the effort to make things work as well as they can...

It is soooo freaking satisfying to play Crysis 2 and Modern warfare in Linux bought with blood sweat and tears.":O}

I would really appreciate hearing from other Mint and Linux users on this topic!.
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Yet we remain on the shore of what we know."
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Last edited by Daniel ~; 15th October, 2012 at 06:06 PM.
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Old 15th October, 2012, 06:30 PM
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I'm sure you all have heard from me by now!
I have had a LOT of success. So much success that I created a Linux Games list online for every game I plan on testing and the results:

Game Cave Linux Games

Notice how many games say "successful"

The main elements that seem to cause us problems is Direct X 10, Securom DRM and Wine versions.

PlayOnLinux has a LOT of pre-made scripts that will download the proper version of Wine and Packages for most popular retail games.

Retail games have been hit-and-miss because there are literally thousands of games out there....

It seems most gamers are focused on newer titles like Skyrim & Borderlands but there are a LOT of older games pre-2007 that run just fine with Direct x 9.

There are also a LOT of game pre 2000 that run great on Dosbox or Winetricks or PlayOnLinux.

Not to mention Good Ole Games has a bunch of game already listed in PlayOnLinux.

I will continue to test and create tutorials for games that successfully install and run. I can't complain since AOAForums is paying me for each article too.

Honestly, ever since I have devoted almost an hour a day to Mint 13 and games... I have learned a lot about Linux and its inner-workings.
So even if you walk away from Linux due to your frustrations with trial-n-error and lack of native game support... you will at least learn more about how your Operating System works than you would with Windows or MAC.
Its kinda ironic because Consoles, MAC and even Windows will run your games fairly well depending on your hardware, but when something goes wrong most people will contact support and won't even try to learn how to fix it themselves.
With Linux, you will be forced to fix it yourself with research and trial-n-error. Hence why most people aren't drawn too it...
But for me, I've gotten much better at troubleshooting my PC Games and optimizing them due to the time I spend researching and trial-n-error.
Mint 17.3 64-bit
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PlayOnLinux 4.2.10
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