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danrok 4th December, 2009 08:10 PM

Nokia N900 review
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Kaitain 4th December, 2009 08:53 PM

I played with one of these in the Nokia store in Heathrow Airport recently.

Being as it was attached to a display, missing a SIM and being guarded by weary-looking staff, I couldn't do as much with it as techradar's reviewers did, but still had a good ol' rummage in the guts of the machine.

Having read techradar's review along with others dotted about the place and bits and pieces over at Nokia Labs, I'd have to agree with techradar's view that this is one for the developers.

I get the feeling that Nokia have put together just enough to make it attractive for early-adopters (i.e. just enough calendar/contacts/messaging functions for it to be useful as a phone) but are hoping that third parties will develop the rest.

Asking Google the question of whether this will support far-eastern languages (a deal breaker for me), I learn that it supports reading all character sets out of the box, but that Nokia are hoping enterprising developers will write their own input plugins.

So anyone that likes writing mobile and/or Qt apps would love it. I'll wait for the next version, though...

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