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Azriel 1st July, 2008 02:27 PM

External homebrew watercooling system?
Questions, and assumptions.

1) Hose sizes. I would assume, One ½" circuit for the CPU, and three ¼" circuits for the chipset, and up to two video cards?

2)Cooler. Purpose built PC radiators are much easier to work with. Is a heater core really that much better?

ccperf721p 1st July, 2008 02:47 PM

Unless you are going to run multiple pumps, I prefer to keep tube size the same throughout the entire loop. Distribution blocks don't work all that well, water will take the path of least resistance so it just leaves too many flow issues.

Masterkleer makes a 7/16 tubing, that has a good fit over 1/2 barbs, is very easy to work with and leaves a clean looking loop.

While most heater cores will offer quite a bit more surface area and cool a little better they are a pain to work with and do not lend themselves to good looks. PC radiators will do the jb just fine. I cool an overclocked quad and my GTS with a 240mm rad and the fans at 7 volts. If I add anything more it will be time to go to a 360mm radiator.

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