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SteveI 5th November, 2002 12:59 AM

Servers acting up again??
I just noticed when I got home, 4 PCs had a WU backed up, and all were folding a tinker wu. Just curious... hmm... my main box just sent it's wu, as I'm typing.

Has anyone else noticed this?? Seems, they're low on the gromacs proteins for the time being.

Daniel ~ 5th November, 2002 01:13 AM

So far all three of my boxes are updating fine.

Allan 5th November, 2002 01:27 AM

One of the P4's I have running had a problem connecting as well. It had a pAla though..

SteveI 5th November, 2002 01:31 AM

Well, that's funny. My only rig here without SSE is a P2 @ 505. It was the only one with a pala.. So I swapped folding directories with one of my other PCs... I figure let one of my SSE machines take advantage of it, and send it back much faster. ANd the P2 won't take any longer to work on the tinker protein.

Hopefully, the lack of gromacs proteins was temporary. All of the good machines updated 3 - 7 hours ago.

robbie 5th November, 2002 03:19 AM

I had troubel too.
Just when the folding was good.

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