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timbob2469 28th June, 2003 03:04 AM

I managed to get 2 systems going.
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Hi guys and gals,
Well I got 2 pc's hooked up and folding, not a monitor between the two of them. One is 2.0 GHz.-winxp home, the other is 550MHz.-win98se. I'll start to put together a third tonight, I have a k6 3-450 that I thought I cooked months ago, but got going @400MHz the other week. If I put this on an FIC VA-503+ With 256MB of pc133 Memory it should do better than the 550 that has 320 MB of pc100. I set the slower one to work for the Genome? project. How long should it take a 2.0 GHz system to fold 1 of these work units? Mine took something like 16 hours. Is this correct ? The WU had 400 steps to it. It is an MSI K7N2G-L, running 166FSB X 12, Can't boost the FSB because I'm using the integrated Graphics Processor and it gets flakey any higher. Here is a screenshot of the boys in action.

SteveI 28th June, 2003 04:35 AM

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That sounds about right... There are many different proteins with different point values. The more points it is worth the longer it takes. Sounds like you got a 53 pointer.

robbie 28th June, 2003 03:03 PM

Sweet!!! Ever bit helps.

Allan 29th June, 2003 11:37 AM

Thats great! :)

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