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robbie 3rd July, 2012 01:41 PM

All this after a reinstall
So I was about to throw my laptop out the window, UGGGGG!!! So tired of waiting forever to get past the welcome screen that I would usually just put the thing to sleep and let it recover from that. I hated having to reboot it, because sometime (usually often but not all the time) it would get stuck at the welcome screen.

After some reading I come to find that it's kinda a common thing with Win7 and to maybe try and change a couple of settings to see if that fixes it. Nope, not for me anyways. Also it would run pretty hot and that battery didn't seem to last that long. I think it was set to performace rather than laptop mode in the power save settings (but I never checked it)

Anyways, a reinstalled has seemed to fix all my issue's. The battery lasts a LONG time now, I was surprised. I was sitting on the couch doing a little surfing and watching a little TV last night and after a while I checked and the battery indicator barely moved!!! WOW :drink:

So basically I just wanted to post this for anyone out there that might have the same problem as I and what I did about it. Window's 7 doesn't take even half as long as Window's XP to reinstall. XP has TONS and I MEAN TONS of updates you have to do. Expect to spend at least a couple hours of updating. 7 seemed to do it in about an hour. It has an HDMI port on it which is one of the reasons I got it to hook it up too our TV and watch Netflix. (works very well this way)

Happy clocking guys and gals.

Oops forgot to mention it's an Acer Aspire laptop model 5552
AMD Athlon II X2 P340
15 inch led screen
250 gig drive
ATI HD 4250
4 gigs of ram and a 6 cell battery and wifi.

I got a sweet deal at a local pawn shop I usually go to, only $200.

danrok 3rd July, 2012 10:08 PM

Like they say, most broken stuff isn't so broken!

Daniel ~ 4th July, 2012 05:44 PM

Tasty code is always best served fresh!

techjunkie45 6th September, 2012 06:18 PM

Also it might have needed some cleaning. When a RAM chip gets dirty, or the built-in cooler becomes clogged it heats up a lot faster and causes the computer to lag and reboot by itself, sometimes accompanied by a scary blue screen

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