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Written by Pitch   
Tuesday, 23 January 2007 10:02
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The Campaign itself was lukewarm at best. The storyline was great, but I just get the feeling some missions were scrapped. Things were missing, it was like watching an episode of your favourite series and missing the one previously; it made references to things that didn't exist.

You play in the Enterprise, Original Series and The Next Generation Eras.

You don't play as either Voyager or the Defiant in relation to DS9. Captain Sisko only says two lines, and Janeway only makes an appearance during a cut-scene.


The campaign also changes eras very quickly. One minute you are Captain Archer with the First Enterprise and the next minute, you are Kirk commanding the Enterprise from the Original series, the lack of cut scenes between eras just leaves the player completely confused.

My initial thought was that the level of difficulty had something to do with it, and that upping it to its top difficulty level would fix it.

Well. Nope. In fact all changing the difficulty did was halve the damage of my weapons and double the damage of everyone else's. Deeply uncool.

The AI is pretty laughable too. There's no thought put into it, and they don't display even a glimmer of intelligence. They just attack whoever attacks them and launch all their torpedos while your shields are up. This is rather stupid since, by default, torpedos don't do any damage unless the shields are down.

So the AI was stupid, predictable and boring. It never gave you a challenge unless you shot once at every single ship to get them to attack you.

I was really at a crossroads... So far the game was pretty terrible. But I wanted to like it. I just needed a reason... and I found it.


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